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  • Hi, I'm Al Gore, and I'm doing a wired auto complete interview.

  • I work on solving the climate crisis.

  • Okay, Is climate change urgent?

  • Yes, Extremely urgent.

  • These extreme weather events are becoming much more frequent.

  • Just in the last eight years in the US, we've had 10.

  • So called once in 1000 year events is climate change scientific fact, while the scientists tell us that his they have known the basics of this for 150 years and they say that it's is established as like gravity is climate change reversible?

  • We have already caused some damage, some of which is not reversible.

  • But here's the key fact the truly catastrophic consequences of global warming can still be prevented.

  • Okay, is climate change political?

  • Some of the large carbon polluters have been pumping lots of money in tow, lobbying and campaign contributions, and that has made it political in a way that's that's not in any other country.

  • Is climate change being stopped?

  • No, not yet.

  • But like a lot of other social revolutions in the past, the abolition of slavery, getting women the right to vote civil rights movement, all of these movements have seemed like they would never succeed at times.

  • But then, when the central question became clear, a choice between what's clearly right and what's clearly wrong, Then the change started really speaking up.

  • That's the point we're at in the climate movement.

Hi, I'm Al Gore, and I'm doing a wired auto complete interview.


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