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- Good morrow, fruit-lovers.
Did you know you can make your own fabric face mask at home?
I did.
I knew it.
I knew it even before I said it just then.
- Well good for you, Grapefruit.
Maybe let's show the audience at home how to do it?
- Very well.
Step One: Get your supplies.
A sewing machine, elastic, scissors and some fabric.
- [Pear] Tight-knit cotton fabric works great,
like a pillowcase or an old T-shirt.
- Beige?
Bro, would you live a little?
I'm going with flames.
- I don't think that's gonna make your mask
any more effective, dude.
- You kidding?
What airborne particle wouldn't be intimidated
by these bad boys?
It's just science.
- Moving on.
Step Two: Cut two identical fabric rectangles.
If you're making a mask for adults,
it's 9 inches by 6 inches.
If it's for a child, do 7 and a half by 5 inches.
- [Grapefruit] And if you're making the mask
for Little Apple, do zero by zero inches.
Heh, heh.
- Grapefruit!
- Also cut two 7-inch pieces of elastic.
Then it's on to Step Three.
Lay your two rectangles on top of each other.
If your fabric has a pretty side and an ugly side,
make sure the pretty sides are touching.
- What if you're like me and have no ugly side?
- Then sew yourself a gold star or something.
Step Four: Sew the pieces together
almost all the way around.
Make sure you leave an inch or two open
on one of the long sides.
Whenever you approach a corner,
make sure to sandwich one elastic strip end
between the fabric pieces like so.
- Remember, if you sew the elastic in now,
your mask will look great when you turn it inside-out.
If you wait and sew them in later,
your mask will only look sew-sew.
Heh, heh.
- Ugh.
On to Step Five.
Make three little folds on each side like this,
then sew them into place.
- [Grapefruit] And once you're done doing that,
it's time for Step Six.
Walk the runway in your new amazing-looking face mask!
- [Pear] I'll admit, you do look pretty good in that mask.
- [Grapefruit] Why, thank you.
- [Pear] Yeah, covering up half your face
really helps your look.
- [Grapefruit] Whatever, you're just jealous,
Mr. Beige Mask.
Now if you'll excuse me,
I'm off to sew myself that gold star you mentioned earlier.
- [Pear] Ugh.
(techno music)


Annoying Orange - How2 Make a Facemask

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Summer 2020 年 7 月 31 日 に公開
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