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You pop your eyes in.
You reset your nervous system.
Would it be correct in saying that
this is the most expensive rehab in the world?
I would say that's probably the truth, yeah.
You're coming here as an addict, extremely vulnerable.
Helps with the circulation.
This creates more energy.
It's the diagnostic and the treatment.
Bioresonance tests, which have no scientific backing.
I just don't know how you could do it.
How are you feeling?
I actually felt that the money was killing me.
It was very lonely.
If you carry on,
you will develop a habit.
Do you know what you're feeling now?
[High Society]
[The World's Most Expensive Rehab]
Paracelsus is the world's most expensive rehab,
and it costs, I think, 300 grand.
No, not 300 grand.
God, how much was it?
Three hundred grand a month.
It costs 300 grand a month.
There is a luxury apartment,
24-hour live-in therapists, psychiatric assessment,
addiction assessment, brain analysis.
All these people around this table will be discussing me.
I don't know if they're gonna find that
that I'm basically a broken human being.
Growing up in central London,
a lot of people who work in the media,
it's become quite normalised,
the drinking and the casual drug taking.
Paracelsus is completely different to what I've seen previously.
I've tried cognitive behavioral therapy, I did AA for a while,
where it's all about group therapy.
This is like a one-on-one therapy session.
I'm very keen to get there.
-Sydney, so nice to meet you. -Welcome to Zurich.
Nice to meet you.
Thank you. Thanks so much for having me.
Now that I'm on my way to spend a free weekend
at the world's most expensive rehab,
I'm really interested to see whether money can solve all problems.
-Oh, this is great. I love it. -Do you like it?
I love it.
Do you play piano?
No, I can't.
This is the therapy room.
How are you, you OK?
Yeah, I'm good. How you doing?
It's all a bit crazy when you arrive.
Yeah, it is.
Yeah, a bit kind of nerve-racking.
Oh, it's beautiful.
How do you feel now?
I feel fine. It's obviously a strange setup.
-Alright. -Bye.
He lives in this penthouse apartment and he doesn't leave.
How are you feeling now?
Bit hungry.
Let's see if Magda prepared a nice juice.
-Please. -Thank you so much.
It was really weird walking into a room
and having a team of people waiting on me.
I kind of just wanted to run and hide.
We do, in a way, create a kind of symbolic family.
So Magda's like Mummy
and I can be a bit like Daddy.
Magda can cook.
Eating with a stranger is awkward enough
without them also being paid to analyze you.
I've got a charity for saving drowning fish.
After some strange small talk,
I was straight into my first therapy session.
Start from the beginning.
My parents separated when I was about seven years old.
I lived with my mum and then I just remember
being very worried at school.
Started drinking when I was 13.
-So you began drinking alcohol at 13? -Yeah.
I was terrified of drugs for ages,
and then I just went a bit madder.
And then I wasn't scared of pills, suddenly.
And then I was like, taking it...
I wasn't really scared of many drugs.
From 17 to 21, I was just constantly pissed, or like...
on a comedown... I was just delusional.
I'm just wondering about
your relationship with your dad, that's all.
I've come to terms with being accepting,
but obviously I haven't.
Have I?
You tell me.
I don't know.
So you were using coke up until last year?
I still do a bit of coke now and then.
Does it help you?
No, it makes me feel ****.
Why do you do it then?
Because if I'm pissed, I'll do a little line.
Do you want to stop?
Yeah. I find it really hard
because it's so normalized amongst everyone.
I just think you've got to maybe try to stay away from things that
currently don't really help you.
Next on my program is a session of
something called biochemical restoration,
which uses bioresonance technology.
Dr. Odell, Sydney.
This would be to test my intolerances
in order to temporarily change my diet.
-Woah, what have we got there? -So, this is really not so good.
This is the Buckwheat, you're allergic.
I was holding a rod,
my finger was tapped into something,
I was very bemused with what was going on at the time.
You are allergic against the herring.
You are allergic against salmon.
I just had salmon.
Duck feathers.
Similarly with the Metatron, they were scanning my body
and then they were finding the bits that weren't right within my body,
and then downloading some sort of treatment to my body via a computer.
If I see your lymph node has not enough energy,
I can give him energy.
It's the diagnostic and the treatment.
So you just click a button?
Computer is creating, there is--
It's so bizarre.
There is something behind.
It's in, behind.
I had never experienced or heard of anything like these tests.
And this is hundred percent gold and it helps to quit the allergies.
Oh, wow.
I mean, I'd just been given a solid gold sticker
to heal my previously unknown herring and duck feather allergies.
I love herring.
When does it start kind of working?
Oh, it started immediately.
OK, thank you.
You're welcome.
So far, the main things that set Paracelsus apart from
other elite rehabs are the strange body assessments
and the 24/7 live-in therapist, Louis.
I wanted to find out more about
where these novel approaches came from,
so I met with the company's founder.
What do you get for that price tag that other places can't provide?
Many things.
So, what's the thinking behind the live-in therapist?
It's basically something we invented.
If we have one client at a time, that person cannot stay alone.
How do your clients receive that?
Initially, it can be annoying,
but I think all of them very quickly come to really appreciate the role
and the person of the live-in therapist.
Stuff like bioresonance, how does it work?
To be honest, I was quite skeptical initially
when when we started working with it
because to understand the mechanisms is immensely complex,
and it's not something that you can tie directly back to what's taught
in medical school today.
We never rely fully on it.
We always double check with the labs.
But the bioresonance, we can really start immediately
with the right treatment applications.
I'm just gonna google a few things around bioresonance tests.
Small dessert.
Oh, thank you so much.
So enjoy.
-Thank you. Thank you. -You have a rest.
Bioresonance, electrodermal testing,
there is little or no scientific rationale for these methods.
I just feel that when you're in a desperate position
as an addict coming here, you will take these bioresonance tests...
and not question them.
When maybe you should.
Oh, Magda.
Dinner is served.
Dinner is served, please.
That's your room, this is my room.
If at any time during the night you need to talk,
just come and get me.
It's 6:30 am, and I'm being taken to the Dolder Grand,
which is the off-site spa for the Paracelsus.
It's probably the most luxury spa I've ever been to.
It would definitely work for the 300-grand-a-monthers.
I mean, you've got everything here.
Definitely keeps up a certain standard of living
which I'm sure everyone's used to.
I'm not used to hot stone baths.
And now, try to relax.
OK, I don't know if I can relax.
**** hell!
I can't do it.
****! ****!
****. OK, can I come out?
Oh, ****.
Oh, I've got frostbite.
This does feel like the antidote to unhealthy sesh living,
but also what you might use to refresh
and get right back on it the next day.
I'm hoping Louis's not going to take me aside at breakfast,
it's getting quite intense having him...
Any five minutes spare you have in between testing,
Louis's there...
wanting to have a chat about how you feel.
And, quite frankly, now I just don't feel up for chatting.
How are you?
I feel fine.
So how are you really?
What do you want me to say for how I am?
I mean, I'm fine.
There's not much more I can...
Just in time for the next meal,
a dietitian arrives to tell Magda the 1,000 things
I now supposedly can't eat.
Fish, I know is struck off quite a lot,
but there are still a few things left here which would be ideal for you.
I don't know if you're big on shellfish.
No, not really.
In addition, so food-wise, lots of fruits were taken off.
A lot of nuts were taken away.
Ultimately, variety is key.
How does the way you manage your diet
help overcoming substance abuse problems?
It wouldn't help you overcome a substance abuse,
but it would help with the person's mood.
Thank you so much.
Even though Magda's food is pretty good,
my mood is just not improving.
-No using the phone. -Pardon?
No using the phone.
It felt more intense today.
Yeah, I did nearly tell Louis to **** off.
I love Louis, but I just don't know how you could do it
every day.
I just feel a bit claustrophobic
and completely surrounded by people I don't really know.
You know, you can't go out for walks.
I don't like it.
This is intermittent hypoxic therapy.
We do cycles of low oxygen, this creates more energy.
It's just a lot of really good effects.
Would it have any effect on cravings?
Some people do experience less of an appetite.
But what about cravings for alcohol?
Cravings for alcohol? I have not heard that.
I'm beginning to feel skeptical about how any of these treatments
and lifestyle changes are really going to help overcome
any real issues.
Does it help addicts?
I wouldn't do cupping for addiction treatments,
then I would do acupuncture.
I've got something shooting in my back.
I didn't know if I was being a massive cynic
or whether all of this was actually a bit daft.
You pop your eyes in.
Oh, yes.
Now what?
You reset your nervous system.
Resetting your nervous system,
I've never heard that one before.
I've hurt my eyes.
But maybe when you're paying this absurd price,
you need a parade of novelties to either keep you occupied
or feel as though you're getting your money's worth.
Kidneys are fine.
-Liver is fine. -Great.
In order to show me
just how effective their treatment actually is,
Paracelsus have organised for me to meet a former client.
Paracelsus, it was for me
the most important decision
I have made in my life.
What were your issues?
I had mainly alcohol and cocaine.
Most of the people I know who have those types of issues,
they don't want to be in any group sessions.
They're concerned about reputation.
No one in my life or in my circle
even noticed that I was in treatment.
How much were you spending on your drug habit and drink habit?
There was no problem to spend £50,000 in a night, or more.
People who live this type of lifestyle,
they also spend a lot of money on inviting other people.
I was really able to party for three days
and go to work like nothing happened.
Can you describe what your life was like
when you were at your lowest point during addiction?
The last time I chartered a yacht from Cannes to Sardinia,
I remember that at some point
I was throwing up overboard
and people they were lying there and they were all messed up,
and I didn't even remember where they came from.
It was very lonely.
My life was going too fast
to nowhere.
I looked at the Mediterranean Sea
and there was a beautiful sunrise.
And I felt like, “You gotta change something.”
And is that when you came to Paracelsus?
Day after that, yes.
So I stayed, I think, for two months.
And then I came back and used Paracelsus as my support system.
And how much did you spend in total?
It was like $800,000 to $1 million, yeah.
Can you give us a rough idea of how wealthy you are?
Well, I don't know, but I would say
it would be enough to stay for the rest of my life with Paracelsus.
It's easy to see how Paracelsus could become a temporary escape
for people whose lives of debauchery have no budgetary limits.
People of that power, money can keep them going for a long time.
So the rock bottom is when they end up in the emergency room
or sometimes in the morgue.
It's hard for the average population to really have empathy
for somebody who has it all, who can afford everything
to actually be allowed to suffer and have problems.
At some point, that kind of lifestyle becomes a bit dull.
Boredom is a big factor when you have a lot of wealth
and really no purpose.
You need a reason to get out of bed in the morning.
And that's not just to go to the next party,
that purpose doesn't last very long.
That really isolates.
And in the end, it's that loneliness
and the pain that comes from that loneliness
and often also associated boredom
that leads to this pain and inner void
and then people start to self-medicate.
You were seven years old and you probably were fully aware
of the tension between your mum and dad.
And then the anxiety kicks in.
Just letting it all go on drugs and crazy and...
and that just made it worse.
It never went away.
Do you know what you're feeling now?
-It's quite intense, isn't it? -Of course.
Yeah, it's been a really--
I think we were talking about your dad.
I think that's what's gone on.
Do you want us to leave?
Yeah, alright then.
If you carry on with that acceptance of
“It's London and it's part of the scene,
and I'm just going to do it,”
that process of engaging may increase
and then you will develop a habit.
You know, the idea of abstinence is that
when you're trying to rewrite neural pathways, is the way to go.
You're giving yourself every opportunity
to create new experience.
And it's the new experience which challenges the neuroplasticity,
which then creates the change in the brain.
The sheer quantity of treatments on offer at Paracelsus
can often feel like a way to justify the price tag.
But the main focus is therapy.
And if it eventually forced me to engage with my issues,
it can do the same for the one percent.
As much as we love to pile in on rich people,
I guess wealth can sometimes be a gilded cage that leads to isolation.
But for those of us who can't hire a team of people
to make us feel better whenever we want,
a church hall and a few chairs are just as good.
And there's probably a reason it's unusual for therapists
to sit with you for all your meals
and refer to themselves as your symbolic dad.
I'm excited to get back. I'm excited to have a glass of wine.
I probably shouldn't say that.


The Most Expensive Rehab in the World | High Society

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