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  • You know what I love? that all episodes of your show Youth and Consequences is coming to YouTube Red on March 7th?

  • You know me, but do you know what else I love? shameless self-promotion? Youth and Consequences YouTube Red March 7th

  • oh girl thank you for the plug but seriously i also really love practising self-care by getting tattoos with my best friend on valentine's day

  • -off screen- happy valentine's dayyy, oh it looks great

  • -off screen- getting there

  • it's happening

  • I'm trying so hard not to look like I'm in pain

  • does it hurt?

  • yeah, I mean it feels good but it hurts

  • one thing I really wanted to do this year was to take care of myself but when i was like sitting down and thinking like

  • okay what does this actually look like

  • All i could come up with was like go get a massage once a month and take yourself out to dinner and a movie

  • once a week or something, but as I've been living out the year i'm trying

  • to be very mindful of like okay actually like take care of yourself and treat yourself like your own child

  • i've noticed that self-care is about

  • so much more than just taking myself out on a date

  • Self-care is doing things that people don't necessarily agree with like one thing I do now is I don't go out if I don't want to

  • even if I've clicked attending on Facebook, even if I told the person I would be there I know I have a tendency

  • towards being a workaholic and if i'm exhausted and my body knows it, I listen to that and I bail

  • because sometimes i just need to stay at home and recharge by like journaling or drawing or just

  • vegging out in front of the tv

  • (ahh, I needed this)

  • I've also been forcing myself, to be really healthy to a very annoying degree like by going

  • to the gym and eating healthy vegan meals all year and even if it's not really fun you force yourself

  • to do it because you know what's gonna help in the long term manage all of your

  • anxieties and depression

  • I've cut out unhealthy people who don't give a shit about my well-being

  • I've quit stand-up and improv all together to focus on other artistic pursuits and when people ask me how I am, I tell them

  • terrible

  • - Okay

  • - how are you?

  • - not terrible

  • - oh that's cool

  • I don't necessarily tell them all the details but i also don't feel the need to lie

  • for the sake of making regular chitchat, if you're gonna ask me how I am you're gonna know how i am

  • And I've come to accept things about myself like that I'm hella extra that I'm assertive with the capability to be aggressive

  • and I will always love

  • Harassing my friends for their opinions on my scripts and my songs and my art even if it's 1am and they just got home

  • hell i even come to love things about myself that normally i agonize about

  • daaaaammmnnn girl

  • yo boobs looking hella smart today

  • and self-care for your life may look completely different, maybe you're the kind of person who needs to force yourself

  • to go to parties or social events because you know that's what you need or it means taking a day or two off of the gym

  • to completely rest or adopting a couple of cats because you're a responsible mature adult who's ready

  • to give love and receive love with beautiful furry children

  • Whatever self-care means to you incorporate it into your daily life not just as like a once a month or once a week occasion

  • Really come from the mindset that you're going to take care of yourself because if we don't who will

  • I'm Anna Akana stay right here for a sponsored message

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You know what I love? that all episodes of your show Youth and Consequences is coming to YouTube Red on March 7th?


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セルフケアの本当の姿 (What self care really looks like)

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