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- Hey, there, my name is Drew Dalton Russ
and I'm a mixologist
at the Starbucks Reserve Roastery in Chicago, Illinois.
I've been a partner for Starbucks
for about three and a half years now.
When I'm not behind the bar making coffee or cocktails,
I'm usually found on the stage dancing around,
bright lights, camera, action.
But today, I wanted to be at home
and make a special coffee creation for ya'll today.
I just need to get one thing.
I'll be right back.
And just because you're at home,
doesn't mean you can't be absolutely fabulous.
Just throw a little glitter on it
and everything will be okay.
Today, I'm going to show us
how to make a cold brew daiquiri.
That does remind me,
I do need to call up my friend, Daiquiri,
it's been a minute.
And for the ingredients,
you're going to need today,
I will use a little bit of lime juice,
some simple syrup, some pineapple juice.
I prefer fresh squeezed homemade but store-bought is fine.
I also have some maple syrup and the Starbucks Cold Brew.
Next, we're going to add our ingredients to our shaker.
We're going to start off with an ounce of lime juice.
(lime juice trickling) (bottle thudding)
One ounce of simple syrup.
(syrup trickling) (bottle thudding)
We're gonna use a quarter ounce of pineapple juice.
(pineapple juice trickling) (bottle thudding)
A quarter ounce of maple syrup.
Gonna take a quick, little pause
for the pineapple juice and maple syrup.
If you're over 21,
you can substitute an ounce and a half of dark rum
if you're feeling a little more festive.
We're gonna add next our two ounces of Starbucks Cold Brew.
(coffee trickling) (container clanging)
(bottle thudding)
And then, we're gonna top it off with some ice.
(ice rustling)
And next, we're gonna start shaking things up.
(shaker pops)
Get that shaker nice and secure and go ahead.
(ice vigorously shaking)
(shaker pops)
(shaker clanks)
Grab your Hawthorne strainer and pour.
And for our friends at home who prefer a blended daiquiri,
you can include all these ingredients we just talked about,
toss it in a blender and hit go for about 30 seconds,
it'll get a nice, frothy consistency
and tastes absolutely delicious.
If you're enjoying a classic daiquiri,
a lime wheel is a fabulous way to garnish this
but if you're feeling a little more festive,
you can go shablam! with some pink sugar.
And after a nice, little shablam,
I do have to say, it's time to say goodbye.
I wanna thank you all so much for joining me today
and if you would like to share your fabulous creation...
with us, you can do hashtag Starbucks At Home.
We'll see ya later, ciao.
(blows kiss)


お家でスターバックス-コールドブリュー・ダイキリ-(Starbucks at Home: Cold Brew Daiquiri)

83 タグ追加 保存
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