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  • Here's what would actually happen if TikTok got banned.

    TikTok が禁止されるとどうなるか、こちらです。

  • Is it ... terrifying?


  • #SaveTikTok.


  • TikTokers have been taking to TikTok to express their fears over a potential US ban.

    アメリカが TikTok を禁じる可能性があることについて、TikTok ユーザーたちが恐怖を表現し始めています。

  • Similar to India where the app was blocked in late June for cybersecurity concerns, they are worried they'll no longer have access to the fun music and video-driven app.

    6 月後半、インドでも、サイバーセキュリティへの懸念を理由に TikTok アプリがブロックされました。人々は、楽しい音楽や、ビデオ中心のアプリにアクセスできなくなると案じています。

  • The Trump administration has indicated that it's considering similar action or at least, limiting Americans' access to the popular app.


  • With respect to Chinese apps on people's cell phones, I can assure you, the United States will get this one right too.


  • So here's why the US is concerned about TikTok on American phones.

    アメリカ人の電話にある TikTok、同国の懸念の理由がこちらです。

  • TikTok is China's first global social media sensation.

    TikTok は、中国にとって初めて、世界的に話題を呼んだSNSです。

  • In just a few years, it has quickly vaulted into the top app download ranks, neck and neck with other popular apps.


  • But with this kind of popularity has come increased scrutiny from Washington.


  • TikTok collect(s) everything from the device you're using to access the app, your IP address, the messages exchanged with other users on the TikTok app itself.

    TikTok は、アプリのアクセスに使われるデバイスから IP アドレス、TikTok アプリ上でやりとりされたメッセージに至るまで、全てを収集します。

  • And to be very honest, that is not very different from what Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and other social apps are collecting.

    正直、これは Facebook や YouTube、Twitter、その他 SNS アプリが収集している内容と、あまり変わりません。

  • The difference with TikTok is its ownership.

    TikTok が違うのは、その所有者です。

  • Its parent company is ByteDance, which is based in Beijing.


  • TikTok doesn't have a headquarters, although its CEO sits in Los Angeles.

    CEO はロサンゼルスにいますが、TikTok には本社がありません。

  • China's legal system allows it to request user data from companies.


  • What worries foreign governments is the fact that the firewall between user data and the Chinese government is completely removed because of these laws.


  • And that means American private data might end up in the hands of the Chinese government.


  • What Beijing could do next with this trove of American data is also a concern.

    アメリカのデータの山を使い、次に中国が何をするかも、気がかりの 1 つです。

  • US officials are concerned that the Chinese government could be building a vast database of information based off whatever they've gotten from TikTok users.

    アメリカ当局は、中国政府が TikTok ユーザーから得られた情報を使い、巨大なデータベースを作っている可能性を懸念しています。

  • And that pool of information might be potentially used for more nefarious means, such as espionage.


  • TikTok has said that the Chinese government has never asked the company for user data and would refuse such a request.

    TikTok によると、中国政府が同社に対し、ユーザーデータの要求をした経緯はなく、そういった要求は却下される、ということです。

  • The company also said its data on American users is held in servers outside of China, in the US and Singapore.


  • There are also concerns about freedom of expression.


  • Among the fun, quirky videos uploaded to TikTok every day, some users say that some videos have been censored.

    日々 TikTok にアップされる、面白おかしいビデオの中には、検閲されているものもある、と話すユーザーもいます。

  • The Journal found that in the last two years, employees at TikTok followed rules that included striking out content that was in line with censorship norms in China.

    ウォール・ストリート・ジャーナルの調査によると、過去 2 年間、TikTok の社員は、中国での検閲基準に沿ってコンテンツの削除を行うなどの、規則に従っていたことが判明しました。

  • For example, showing tattoos or excessive cleavage and politically sensitive topics, including the Hong Kong protests or Tiananmen Square.


  • Recently, the app has been censoring other types of content too.


  • We found one US user who said she was banned from her account because she had kissed her girlfriend on the cheek.


  • And this happened during a live stream on TikTok.

    これは、TikTok のライブ配信中に起きたことです。

  • And TikTok basically told her after that her account was banned for serious pornography.

    TikTok は彼女に対し、深刻なポルノ問題により、アカウントの停止に至ったのだと説明しました。

  • TikTok said that moderation decisions are in an effort to keep the tone on the app lighthearted and not in the name of censorship.

    TikTok は、検閲ではなく、アプリ上の楽しい雰囲気を維持するために、モデレーションが行われているとしました。

  • TikTok isn't facing only scrutiny from the US.

    TikTok を精細に調査しているのは、アメリカだけではありません。

  • TikTok is facing a possible ban in Australia.

    TikTok は、オーストラリアでも禁止される可能性があります。

  • The Dutch Data Protection Agency is launching an investigation into TikTok.

    オランダデータ保護機関は、TikTok に対する調査を開始しています。

  • While pressure grows, TikTok is taking measures to distance itself from its Chinese roots.

    圧力が強まる一方で、TikTok は、中国のルーツから距離を置く政策をとっています。

  • There's now an American CEO at the head of TikTok.

    TikTok のトップは、現在、アメリカ人の CEO です。

  • His name is Kevin Mayer and he comes from Disney.


  • And ByteDance is also considering other changes to its corporate structure.


  • People familiar with the discussions tell us that ByteDance is thinking of establishing a headquarters for TikTok outside of China.

    議論を把握している人々によると、バイトダンスは、中国国外に TikTok の本社を設立することを検討しているのだそうです。

  • As the US and China clash over coronavirus, citizens' rights in Hong Kong and Xinjiang, the South China Sea and trade, tech has become a major sticking point.


  • And after Huawei and ZTE, TikTok has become the latest giant to be threatened by the US government.

    TikTok はファーウェイと ZTE に次ぎ、新たに、アメリカ政府に脅かされる巨大企業となっています。

  • And the ones who have watched particularly closely how TikTok handles the politics of the global marketplace will be its fellow Chinese tech companies.

    TikTok が、どのように世界市場の政治を扱っていくのか、特に注意深く見守っていたのが、中国の、他のテクノロジー企業です。

  • What's really interesting here is that by ByteDance is arguably the most successful Chinese Internet export


  • And should the app be banned, it doesn't bode well for other Chinese companies who are seeking to go global.


Here's what would actually happen if TikTok got banned.

TikTok が禁止されるとどうなるか、こちらです。

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