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  • And now a cautionary tale for all of us with dogs.

  • Think twice before you let them swim in a lake or pond.

  • The family you're about to meet, took their Husky swimming in a pond.

  • And now that dog is dead because of toxic algae.

  • A 10 year old boy and his dog take a dip on a hot holiday weekend.

  • The picture of pure summer joy.

  • But 20 minutes after this video was taken at Zion National Park in Utah, July 4th weekend, the boy and his mom were in shock.

  • Their beloved Husky puppy named Kiana was dead.

  • She started seizing, her whole head and body was shaking.

  • She had no control over anything in her body.

  • Something came over Kiana after she got out of the water.

  • Within about a minute, she got a little frantic, front paws bent underneath her and she was trying to walk with them, but they wouldn't work.

  • That was very alarming for me.

  • They ran to get help, but it was too late.

  • The puppy that young Francis got as a birthday present just months before ...

  • We have a new member of the family.

  • ... was now lying lifeless on a table in a veterinarian's office.

  • She passed away in my arms.

  • Dr. Jeff Werber says the dog swallowed toxic algae, which blooms this time of year.

  • There's a bacterium called a cyanobacteria, which is a severe neurotoxin.

  • And it's amazing how fast it can work.

  • It does, it kills a dog within an hour or two.

  • It's not an isolated incident.

  • Last summer, these three women lost their dogs to toxic algae at a lake in Texas.

  • And when a dog is in a body of water and swimming and having fun, doing the dog paddle per se, chasing the ball, they are ingesting a lot of water in the process.

  • Whereas when we swim, we know not to.

  • Experts also say: "If you think your pet has been swimming in algae, make sure to rinse them off, just in case they start licking their fur."

And now a cautionary tale for all of us with dogs.


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あなたの犬が湖や川から水を飲む場合に知っておくべきこと (What to Know if Your Dog Drinks Water From Lakes and Rivers)

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