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A lot of times we see knives we feel,
okay, you chop off meat with this.
But it's interesting because as knife massage practitioners,
we don't eat meat at all,
Hi, I'm Olivia and I'm from Los Angeles.
I came to Taiwan 10 years ago to learn the "I Ching"
and knife massage.
The knife massage dates back 2,500 years ago.
So we use two knives.
The reason is because our body is actually of yin and yang energy.
So same goes for the knives.
So it's when these two energies, they rotate and they collide,
where our good energy would be transfused into our body,
and the negative energy would be released.
These are specially blessed knives.
We normally have to practice for at least one year
and have done about 300 to 500 individuals
in order to receive that certification.
I would try to understand what would be the main issue that
the person is having.
Next, we begin with a qiankun stick exercise,
warming up our body, getting our blood circulation to flow.
We first do the hands-on massage
and then we enter into the knife massage.
So it's actually slowly pacing the body into a more relaxing
and deeper mood.
I feel very relaxed.
But now, I feel my whole body, it's like,
in this comfortable numbness.
I wish when people would enter into receiving a knife massage,
they could also understand the background of it.
So they align to this form and energy
and they can really receive
what it means to have this energy flowing in them.


We Got A Knife Massage In Taiwan

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Eunice Lin 2020 年 7 月 22 日 に公開
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