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  • A lot of people complain that they are not motivated to achieve their goals, in fact

  • they have been setting goals many times and they have never achieved any of them which

  • really created this big doubt in themselves.

  • the problem with goals that they seem very simple which leads most people to not take

  • them very seriously.

  • here is where the biggest issue when it comes to setting goals.if your goals do not resinate

  • with values that you deeply believe in, then I can guarantee you that you are not going

  • to achieve them.

  • because if you rely on motivation to achieve your goals, then you are doing a big mistake,

  • motivation comes and goes, you can't always be motivated, but if its something that you

  • believe it, you are internally persuaded to accomplish this then you will stick to these

  • goals until you achieve them.

  • when I was a kid i just hated books, i barely could read a book for 5 minutes and that even

  • would happen if i get inspired and motivated for sometimes, but when I actually understood

  • how important for me to read these books, i just started reading them weather I am motivated

  • or not.

  • your believes are basically your values, so if your goals resinate with your values then

  • your are most probably not going to achieve them.

  • Another important reason why a lot of people if not the majority do not achieve their goals

  • is because they think that they have goals when in reality they actually don't.

  • most people don't really differentiate between goals and dreams.

  • Let me explain the difference here, a lot of people have this common goal, I want to

  • get rich, this sentence has a very broad meaning and doesn't really specifies anything and

  • its simply a wish and its impossible to achieve it.

  • I mean, let me ask you something what does rich means, does it means having luxury cars,

  • a luxury lifestyle, or just being financially independent, having enough money that can

  • cover all your day to day needs that you don't have to work again, or maybe it means being

  • an entrepreneur who creates products or service that bring value to people.

  • you see when you don't have a clear image in your mind what exactly do you want.

  • you won't be motivated to achieve it in the first place, its just something in your

  • mind that you thought about but never clearly understood what is it exactly which might

  • just stay as a wish that might never be achieved.

  • the single most important factor that will determine wether you are going to achieve

  • a certain goal is the clarity of it.

  • Instead of saying that my goal is to start reading books this year, specify exactly what

  • books you want to read and why you want to read them.

  • Even if the goal is specific its not necessarily going to be effective unless it can be measured.

  • indeed, there is this golden rule in management which says: if you cannot measure it, you

  • cannot manage it.

  • so when it comes to wealth again, lets say you want to start saving, by simply saying

  • that you want to save, you can't real mange your performance, lets say, you save a hundred

  • dollar, or 1k dollar, how much of your goal have you achieved.

  • although that it seems absolutely obvious that you should be able to measure your goals

  • yet most of us don't really apply it, just take a look at your goals and see how many

  • of them are measurable.

  • To make your goal more effective, it should be realistic, you are earning 50K and suddenly

  • you want to jump into a million dollar within a year which really sounds more to be a wish

  • than a practical goal.

  • you can't work with wishes, you should be fully persuaded that you can achieve this

  • goal, thats why your goals should be within your abilities, of course you should never

  • underestimate yourself but your goals should not be too big that they seem more like a

  • wish than a goal, at the same time, if you set simple goals that are easy to achieve,

  • you will not take them seriously because you know that they won't have a significant

  • effect in your life.

  • And every goal that doesn't have a deadline is not a good goal, by

  • setting goals is important but what is more important is writing them down.

  • everyone says i have goals in my life, if you ask them where is it, oh its in my mind,

  • so what happen next day, you don't exactly remember because you haven't written them

  • down, what about a month later.

  • you have to write them and review them every single day and what i would suggest is, stick

  • on them somewhere that you can see them always.

  • we humans are creatures who always forget, we get constantly distracted, so to stay focused,

  • you should keep them in front of you.

A lot of people complain that they are not motivated to achieve their goals, in fact


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