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- Hey, guys! What about me?
What about old Shuckle?
Aw, man!
I bet I'm going to evolve any second now.
(evolution music)
Oh man,
is this my evolution?
Is Shuckle no more?
- Yeah, you evolutioned into "shuck the hell up".
- Come on!
We're going to teach you a new move;
"Organ Harvest!"
- Yay!
- Okay, this potion contains every evolution stone.
If this doesn't make me evolve, nothing will.
It's working!
I'm evolving!
(spooky music)
Oh my God.
Oh my God!
I evolved into a ghost type!
- Welcome to Hell!
- Oh boy, a new region.
Are you my Trainer?
- Eh, hey! Not bad!
Even got a sombrero.
- Somebody help, I think there's an illegal immigrant over there!
- Donde estas your papers?
- W-well, it couldn't get much worse...
(creepy music)
- My child, your suffering is over.
- Oh, hi, Satan.
- I- I'm not, I'm -
(sighs) Never mind.
- You have earned your reprave. I shall reincarnate you as anything you wish.
- Oh, boy! I wanna come back as something with lots of evolutions.
- I know the perfect form for you, my dear Shuckle.
Enjoy it.
(victorious music)
- You are now a Ditto, Shuckle!
While you can't evolve yourself, you can become any Pokemon.
- This is the best! Thanks, Satan!
- Oh, come on...
- You know, so many Pokemon are disappointed by their evolutions.
They think they're too ugly or too useless or too sexy.
And I think there is a point.
We can't control what we're born as, but we can control what we do with the gift of life.
I'm gonna use my powers to turn into a Shuckle!
Wow, I did it!
Guys, do you see? Do you see? Like my evolution? I'm a Shuckle!
- Yeah yeah sure, whatever you say, pal,
but we're just gonna need those kidneys you got there.
- Aw yeah, Ditto!
Yeah! Haha.
- Ah, yeah, um, does anyone know where I can find a Mega Stone?
I'm having a dinner party, and I really need some extra spoons for my gazpacho course.
(digital music)


Why Pokemon SHOULDN'T Be Disappointed By Their Evolutions

183 タグ追加 保存
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