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Hello, everyone!
Welcome to another episode of TwoSet Violin!
Take one.
You like the practice embroidery?
This is the new high neck T-shirt
that we've just released.
I hope it's not sold out, but hey,
check it out.
Go to twosetapparel.com.
Last time we asked you guys to submit
compositions for two violins, and...
You guys...
Alright, we gave a one-week...
- ...limit, - Yeah.
I can't believe it.
Within one week,
you guys submitted over 2,000 compositions.
- I honestly thought it'd be like 50, max. - Yeah.
The sheer amount of talent, in this room,
is astronomical.
I N T E R E S T I N G !
So yeah, we tried to uh, pick a few.
It's hard to go through 2,000 of them.
But, we thought we would try [to]
sightread and play them for you.
If you like this video,
make sure to accent the like button.
- 90,000 likes and we'll do another one. - Try to go through...
Yeah, we'll do another one.
And we'll go through some more of them.
So the first one is by...
Is that Jorge or Jor-ge?
Jor-ge Gon...sa-le-ves.
Sorry, I can't say...
Oh, no, do I want to see it?
- Alright, I think the point is to screw it. - Screw up. Okay!
Dude, crochet equals 190!
What's 190? Do you have a metronome?
It's about...
Here we go, guys.
Dude, there's so much syncopation!
"If we can screw it slowly, we can screw it quickly."
Let's try again!
Oh, I got it, okay, I got it.
- That was actually really nice! - That's a fun piece!
I feel like I didn't do it justice at the end,
'cause I panicked.
But I think it sounds good anyway,
I don't know.
- Wow. - Interpretation.
I like it!
- I like it a lot! - We screwed it slowly, we screwed it quickly!
I like how...
...they varied up the melodies as well,
- different articulations. - Yeah.
How would you rate it?
Alright, next one!
Alright, Richard...
You know they're good composers when you
- can't pronounce their last names. - Yeah...!
48 years old.
That's cool.
That's really cool.
- That's a big, big mission - I'm a bit nervous, that sounds like...yeah...!
(both) Oohhh!!!!!!!
Dude, the sounds like hardcore level Ling Ling.
Ling Ling can play and sing at the same time.
Yeah, and dance and do everything.
Oh, there's no tempo markings!
You gotta keep in mind, this stuff comes up.
Whoa, whoa, whoa!
When picking a tempo,
- you gotta scan through the piece, because... - Look at the whole thing, yeah that's right!
...it might be easy in the beginning.
Oh, wait!
- Ohh...!!! - Oh!
Sorry, I saw a...
...B natural, and I freaked out.
- I think I like shredded. - Yeah, I shredded.
I feel that's too slow for that,
- it actually wanted to be faster, right? - Yeah.
We went too slow.
I like...I can hear the Bach influences.
- Nice. - Nice!
I'm sure Ling Ling graciously accepts our tribute, to...
- ...the Great Ling Ling. - Come on, Ling Ling!
- For Ling Ling! - This is our tribute!
- Yeah! - For Ling Ling!
Dude, you're right, the last name.
Alex LaMotte.
(both) LaMotte!
I love it when um,
you can hear about the inspiration.
Think of the wedding.
- Oh, I love countryside weddings. - Yeah.
Dude, you're going so fast!
I feel like we butchered that so much,
- can we try that again? - Yeah, let's do that again.
- It's actually a really nice piece. - Alright.
(both) Ohh...
Dude. I like this!
This is so cool!
- Oh...! - Alright.
Dude, that was awesome.
- I played so many wrong notes, - I know.
but, I still liked it.
- I like the vibe. - I enjoyed it so much!
- Yeah! - Yeah, I feel we're not doing it justice
- with the sightread. - I know...
Dude, Alex LaMotte was...is 17!
That's awesome!
I always knew it man,
- our fans are just more talented than us. - I know.
You guys are the most talented subscribers ever.
So proud.
So proud!!!
Oh, get...it's getting younger, man.
Imagine if you read that in the programme notes of a...
- ...composition. - "I just left out the viola!"
Just so matter-of-fact!
I N T E R E S T I N G !
Oh dude, this is epic.
- A bit faster. - Yeah.
S A C R I L E G I O U S !
Dude, that's a cool piece.
Nice one, Sir Thomas Jakuus.
I rate it a
I N T E R E S T I N G !
The next one is Chloé Bakeroot.
- Or Bake-root. - Bake-root.
Dude, they're getting younger.
- Serious? - That's pretty crazy.
Basically it's one score,
- one person reads it this way, - Yeah.
the other person reads it backwards.
- I hope this is safe for your iPad. - Ohh...yeah...!
Like this! That's a good idea, that's a good idea.
- Nah, this is a disaster waiting to happen. - Nah.
- Nah, nah, it's okay, you can... - You sure?
You can tighten it, yeah.
Gotta risk it for the video.
So Eddy's reading from his angle,
I'm reading from my angle.
- That is impressive. - That's clever.
Dude, this is legit.
She's 15!
Where did she learn...
How did you guys learn...
You guys are all so talented.
There's 2,000 compositions.
I can't think how many more are there like this.
I'm really happy,
that we got to play you guys' compositions.
I hope, it's cool, to uh,
hear us butcher your pieces in front of
a lot of people on the Internet to hear and see,
but I don't know,
I think it's so cool that we got to play
some of them from like the other side of the world.
- Like Belgium. - I know, and we had lots of fun playing all these pieces.
Or, a song.
- One song. - Yeah.
If you like this type of episode, accent the like button,
and don't forget to legato the subscribe button,
- 'cause then, we'll do a round 2. - Mm-hmm.


We Play Our Fans’ Musical Compositions

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