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Hey Psych2goers! Welcome back to another Psych2go video.
Have you ever wondered, what kind of parenting you grew up under?
Do you think your relationship with your parents is toxic?
A parent is toxic when their negative behavior impacts and even damages their children's emotional and mental well being.
So here are five types of toxic parents.
One, "The Controlling Parent."
Do your parents control what you do?
Do they constantly try to manipulate and control your decisions, feelings,
and actions? For example:
They try to dictate what career path to take.
Even if it goes against what you want.
While their involvement can lead to positive outcomes,
inappropriate or
excessive involvement
can lead to a higher level of anxiety and depression in their children.
Two, "The Parent with Unrealistic Expectations."
Were you ever scared of failing to meet your parent's expectations
and disappointing them?
It's normal for parents to want the best for their children.
However, when these expectations become unrealistic,
it can place a lot of pressure on their children.
You may feel stressed about being unable to meet those expectations,
which could lead to feelings of inadequacy
and low self esteem.
Number three, "The Verbally Abusive Parent."
There's a difference between scolding and verbal abuse.
They might say, "Why aren't you studying?
Doing some practice questions can help you feel more prepared."
Verbal Abuse, on the other hand, is a destructive
form of communication. They may say something like,
"Why aren't you studying? You're so lazy and useless."
When this happens, you could end up internalizing the remarks.
Which could lead to self deprecation and low self esteem.
Four, "The Invasive Parent."
Do your parents know little about having boundaries?
Did they look through your phone or your diary without your permission?
It's important that you have your own personal space.
Especially, when you're growing up. The constant
invasion of privacy may lead yourself to find resorting
to lying and hiding. The lack of personal space
can be the cause of an uneasy and distant relationship between parent and child.
Five, "The Neglectful Parent."
On the other hand, do your parents rarely check in on your everyday life?
Neglect is a form of child maltreatment that can
lead to negative social, behavioral, and cognitive
impacts on a child.
Having a neglectful parent can also result
in a distant relationship, as you may feel like, they
were never present in your life. For example: Parents
who are substance or alcohol abusers
may have difficulty giving the proper care that their children need.
What are your thoughts on these types of toxic parents?
Do you relate to any of the parenting types in this video? - yes :( -
Let us know in the comments below. If you find this
video helpful, be sure to like, subscribe, and share this video
to those who might benefit from it. References and studies used in this video
are added in the description below. Thanks for watching,
and we'll see you on your next one! :)


5 Examples of Toxic Parenting

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