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We've been kicking this hill's ass all day.
It's only right we tell it our names.
Roll call!
-Steve! -Snot!
-Toshi! -Toshi's friend!
You know, Sllort, I'm so glad
we met you out here on the sledding hill.
Adding you to our crew
has made this the best winter break ever.
I know. If I had not met you guys,
I would be so nervous for my first day of school tomorrow,
but you can show me
how things are different here from Sweden.
I can show you how to use the water fountains.
In America, if you suck on the spout super hard,
you don't even need to press the button!
Old Man Powell: I told you kids to stay off my sledding hill!
This is for private events only!
Now get!
Oh, crap, Old Man Powell.
If I catch you here again, I'll kill you!
I'm not afraid of jail!
I've already done what I was put on this Earth to do --
piss in every single Marriott-owned hotel pool.
Oh, yum!
Oh, they're just burs.
What did you think they were?
Come on, Steve.
I don't think about what I eat.
Should we warm up with some hot chocolate at Steve's place?
Sorry, but my host family expects me home
before the Earth swallows the Sun
and the dark sky stares down at me
with its million tiny eyeballs.
Whoa, Swedish girls make everything sound so cool.
Read this e-mail from my doctor.
"Without major lifestyle changes,
you will not live to see your next birthday,
and I for one will shed no tears."
Wow, that really takes the sting out of it.



44 タグ追加 保存
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