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  • We've been kicking this hill's ass all day.

  • It's only right we tell it our names.

  • Roll call!

  • -Steve! -Snot!

  • -Toshi! -Toshi's friend!

  • Sllort!

  • You know, Sllort, I'm so glad

  • we met you out here on the sledding hill.

  • Adding you to our crew

  • has made this the best winter break ever.

  • I know. If I had not met you guys,

  • I would be so nervous for my first day of school tomorrow,

  • but you can show me

  • how things are different here from Sweden.

  • I can show you how to use the water fountains.

  • In America, if you suck on the spout super hard,

  • you don't even need to press the button!

  • Old Man Powell: I told you kids to stay off my sledding hill!

  • This is for private events only!

  • Now get!

  • Oh, crap, Old Man Powell.

  • If I catch you here again, I'll kill you!

  • I'm not afraid of jail!

  • I've already done what I was put on this Earth to do --

  • piss in every single Marriott-owned hotel pool.

  • Oh, yum!

  • Oh, they're just burs.

  • What did you think they were?

  • Come on, Steve.

  • I don't think about what I eat.

  • Should we warm up with some hot chocolate at Steve's place?

  • Sorry, but my host family expects me home

  • before the Earth swallows the Sun

  • and the dark sky stares down at me

  • with its million tiny eyeballs.

  • Whoa, Swedish girls make everything sound so cool.

  • Read this e-mail from my doctor.

  • "Without major lifestyle changes,

  • you will not live to see your next birthday,

  • and I for one will shed no tears."

  • Wow, that really takes the sting out of it.

We've been kicking this hill's ass all day.


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アメリカのパパ。スティーブがスウェーデンの留学生と出会う (クリップ) |TBS (American Dad: Steve Meets a Swedish Foreign Exchange Student (Clip) | TBS)

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