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Spending a Saturday night on the computer,
it's pretty standard in our household,
but we realize you probably had
a much different kind of celebration planned.
Graduations are a big deal.
Even though there's only one name on that diploma,
I bet there are a lot of people in your life
who feel a huge sense of pride in your accomplishment.
You deserve to feel the love of your whole community right now.
Although this pandemic has called on all of us
to be physically distant,
it's also reinforced how connected we truly are.
it's a constant reminder that each one of us
is part of something much, much bigger.
Your generation understands
the ties between the people of the world
better than perhaps any that has come before it.
Many of you have been logging onto the Internet since you could read.
You've grown up with access to pop culture, news
and perspective from societies
thousands of miles from your home.
And the major challenges looming over your future are also being
confronted by your peers in every part of the globe,
including disease outbreaks, climate change,
gender inequality and poverty.
And your actions can have a huge global impact.
No matter who you are,
you have the chance
to be a force for good in this world.
If this crisis has inspired you
to pursue a career in public service,
that's fantastic.
But it's not the only way to contribute.
You can always use your voice and your
vote to advance change.
You can insist on policies that create a healthier, better future
for everyone, everywhere,
whether they live down the street
or on the other side of the planet.
You are every bit as capable
of accomplishing incredible things.
We're rooting for you, and we know that with your leadership,
the world will emerge from this stronger
and more equal than ever.
[both] Congratulations, graduates!


Bill & Melinda Gates | Dear Class Of 2020

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