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  • Hi, everybody. We're the Simpsons.

    こんにちは シンプソン家よ

  • -We have a special message... -[Homer grunting]

    2020年の卒業生へ メッセージを贈るわ

  • ...for the Class of 2020.


  • [Homer] Where's the damn neck-hole?

    大変な状況が 教えてくれたわね

  • Um, the one thing this difficult period


  • has taught all of us


  • is how to celebrate ourselves as a family.

    もう料理できない もう料理できない

  • -[cloth tearing] -[Homer continues grunting]

    - バート 2020年の卒業生にひと言 - もう料理できない

  • Uh... Mom?

    - ファスナーが壊れた - どうしましょう

  • I can't cook anymore. I can't cook anymore.

    - 私が言うわ - もう料理できない

  • Bart, what do you have to say to the Class of 2020?


  • [Marge] I don't know what to do.


  • [Homer] Oh, the zipper broke.


  • -[Marge] I can't cook anymore. -I guess it's up to me.


  • Do you want eggs?

    朝10時から家で酒を飲むのも “対処”の1つだ

  • Well, the job is to be inspirational.

    友達が家に来ないのは 不人気の証拠じゃなく 健康的な選択よ

  • And there are plenty of good things.

    卒業生のみんなは 可能性にあふれてる

  • The air is cleaner than ever.

    実家の地下室暮らしから 実家の地下室での在宅勤務になる

  • And drinking at home at 10:00 in the morning


  • is not only acceptable, it's called "coping."

    保護施設の動物は 住む家を見つけたのね

  • -And not having friends over is seen as a healthy choice... -[bottle smashes]


  • ...instead of basic unpopularity.


  • And, as graduates, you have a world of possibilities.

    ニューヨークからライブだ 土曜の夜だよ!

  • You can go from living in your parents' basement

    ニューヨークでも ライブでもない

  • to working from your parents' basement.


  • [gasps] And another good thing,

    俺からのメッセージは “隣人を愛せ”だ

  • people are eating less meat.


  • And animal shelters have found homes for all their pets.

    “卒業おめでとう 私たちを助けて”

  • Which is not connected to the lack of meat. I'm pretty sure.

  • So, in conclusion, I'd just like to say,

  • Live, from New York, it's Saturday Night!

  • It's not New York, and we're not live.

  • Well, it's fun to say.

  • But our message to you in these times,

  • love your neighbor.

  • Even if it's Flanders.

Hi, everybody. We're the Simpsons.

こんにちは シンプソン家よ


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