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Oh, Hi! Let's talk about BOOKS.
Okay, maybe some people are like me, enjoying reading.
If you go to a bookstore, you would see two kinds of books in the bookstore. One
is called paperback. Paperback books are smaller, and it's more portable, so you
can bring it with you, especially what you are reading in a car. And the other
kind is bigger. They're called hardcover. Hardcover books are bigger. So they're
better for collection. And you can put them on the shelf for display. If you are
in the bookstore, and you want to choose a good book to read. There is actually
one thing you would definitely do. That is to browse the book. Browse means to
quickly flip through the pages, so that you can get a rough idea of what the
book is all about. After you start reading a book, it's almost not possible
for you to finish the whole book in one time. You need a bookmark. A bookmark is a
piece of paper that you leave in between the pages. The next time you pick up the
book, you can start from where you left it. What if you don't have a bookmark
with you. You can actually dog-ear the page. To dog-ear means to flip down the
corner of the page, so that you mark the page for the next time you're reading
the book. Sometimes you're in the bookstore,
and you see different books under the same title. It's called a series. So when
you enjoy the first book, you won't be worried about having nothing to read the
next time. That's it for today. I'll see you next time. Bye.


Ξ喬治美語Ξ English on Book Reading 閱讀英文

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