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hey everyone, welcome back to another episode of
Honeysuckle Catering
today, I'm going to show you a highly requested recipe, the elusive french macarons
the french macarons are really delicious cookies that's
crunchy on the outside and chewy on the inside. but don't be fooled by their
beautiful exterior! let me warn you - these cookies are temperamental to make
sometimes they come out with feet, sometimes they don't
sometimes they crack, sometimes they don't
I have a fool-proof recipe that'll help you get 'em perfect every time. let's get started!
to make the french macaron you'll only need a few simple ingredients:
two egg whites
2 1/2 tablespoons of regular granulated sugar
3/4 cup almond flour, and a whole cup of powdered sugar
the first thing you're gonna do is take a large bowl and fine-mesh sieve
and process the almond flour through
this will help you catch any big chunks of almonds that you don't want in the cookies
next take your powdered sugar and pass it through the fine mesh sieve again
you want everything to be super powder-y
like snow
now with your spatula, mix the almond flour and powdered sugar together so they're both
evenly distributed
once that's done set it aside
now i'll show you how to move on with the egg whites
put your egg whites in a mixer bowl and turn your mixer on to low speed
and mix it for about 3 minutes just
until the egg whites get foamy
you're unravelling
the proteins of the egg whites so that it can
form a nice meringue
now with your 2 1/2 tablespoons of granulated sugar
slowly sprinkle them into the mixer
while it's running on medium speed or
number 7 on your kitchenaid mixer. whip this for about 3 more minutes so it forms a
nice, soft peak. I'm going to be using red to make a light pink today cause I love pastels and I think it's so pretty
now, with your favorite color of food coloring,
put a few drops into the egg whites and then turn it on to high
or number 8 on your mixer, and whip it for another 3 minutes so
that it [gets] nice and stiff peaks
so this is what i want
the egg whites to look like
it's nice and stiff
still glossy
and kind of like a cloud or a big marshmallow
if I shake it, it shouldn't budge
now with the whisk with the egg whites on it, tap it hard against the bowl to loosen
the egg whites. now take a third (1/3) of the egg whites and mix it together with your almond meal
and powdered sugar mixture that you set aside earlier
with the rubber spatula
gently fold it together
and scrape out the side of the bowl so that you mix it all together very
as you start to get an even mix, add more egg whites
this step is called the "macaronage." It's when you mix together the egg whites and
the almond and powdered sugar together very slowly. This technique is really crucial
because if you mix it too much you're going to ruin your
macarons. but if you undermix it, you're going to ruin it as well
so just make sure you give it about 50 strokes...total
the mixture should be lava-like and if you hold it up like this
it should take about 30 seconds to go down
and about 60 seconds to settle
now with a large piping bag and a round piping tip
I'm going to add the mixture into this bag
now line a baking sheet with parchment paper
and start piping your little circles
now squeeze it all towards the bottom so that all the air comes out
now to make it smooth and to get all the air bubbles out
give it a nice tap all the way around, about 2 taps each time
if there are any points still left on the cookies, just flatten it down with your finger
K, now you're going to let your cookies rest for about 15-20 minutes
until it forms a shell
you see right now, if I touch it, it's going to stick to my fingers, but later on it's
going to form a nice shell and then it's not going to stick, like magic
now in the meantime while you're waiting for the shells to form
preheat your oven to 300ºF
our macarons have been sitting out for about 20 minutes
and after I touch them it doesn't stick to my finger. See?
I'm going to go ahead and put my macarons in the oven to bake
for about 15-17 minutes
I think the french macarons are the prettiest, most daintiest cookies out there
they come in a wide array of colors
bright colors, pastel...
really rustic colors, I really love them all! The macarons are done and PERFECT with
little feet
so pretty!
I'm going to let it cool for about 10 minutes and then I'll show you how to fill them
now I'm going to show you how to fill the macarons
the beauty of this is that you can fill it with anything you like: buttercream
lemon curd,
the variety is endless!
today were gonna fill them with two different kinds
the strawberry jam and the buttercream
so what you're going to do is take your strawberry jam
and just spread it in the middle of the cookie
and then take another cookie and then just sandwich it together like this
now same thing goes for the buttercream
if you'd like to learn how to make the Swiss Buttercream, I'll be showing you
next week
and this is what your macarons should look like
kinda like a burger
it's so cute but it has nice and big "feet" like this...they're called "pie" in French, like these
they're little feet
so cute! And so the outside should be crunchy and the inside's going to be a little chewy.
I'm gonna show you...MmmMm
I hope this inspires you to make the French Macarons too
they're so fun to eat and I love them. These cookies are so beautiful they'd be so perfect
for wedding favors, birthday favors, your guests are going to love them
thank you so much for watching another episode. If you like this video and want to see more
please subscribe [below] and also let me know your comments below...and also "like"
my facebook page
and I'll see you again soon!
bye :)


Master the French Macaron Easy Recipe | HONEYSUCKLE

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