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- This Dalgona coffee is a hot new trend
that you've been seeing all over the internet.
But what if I told you that we can make them
with different flavors?
Today I'm gonna share three Dalgona-inspired drinks,
three different flavors, three different techniques
for you to enjoy.
We're gonna start with the classic Dalgona coffee,
which I'm sure you've been seeing
all over your social and internet.
It's a simple whipped coffee drink
using only three ingredients paired with your milk
and tastes almost like coffee ice cream,
a treat any time of day.
To make the Dalgona coffee, it's really quite simple.
I'm gonna start off with two packages of instant coffee.
Now, I've measured these out and it's equivalent to
1.5 tablespoons of freeze-dried instant coffee.
I'm gonna add that to my bowl.
Then with the sugar, I'm only gonna add two teaspoons.
And finally, another 1.5 tablespoons of hot water.
And now at this point you can choose to whisk it up
with this manual whisk,
which I found takes a lot of arm strength
and takes about four to five minutes to actually achieve
the foaminess that you're looking for.
I don't have the arm strength
so I'm gonna be using my handy-dandy electric mixer
to get the job done in about a minute.
So I've let it kind of dissolve.
Now we're just gonna go in and mix it up
and let it get nice and frothy for about a minute.
You'll see the coffee transform into this foam.
The crema that you get from a typical shot of espresso
binds with the sugar to stabilize
and you get this nice frothy foam:
So how I know when to stop
is when I basically get stiff peaks like this,
similar to a meringue that you would whip up, or egg whites.
This looks beautiful, it's a nice pale, golden-brown color.
A little bitter but it'll mix beautifully with our milk,
which I'm gonna show you how to do next.
In a glass that I've already filled with ice,
I'm gonna fill it up three-quarters of the way
with milk.
You can use your favorite milk here, oat milk, cow's milk,
plant-based milk, anything works.
Now, to get that perfectly rounded, beautiful dollop on top,
I'm gonna be using this cookie scoop
and I'm gonna add a few scoops on top.
The foam will just float on top of our milk
and create this beautiful coffee cloud.
(upbeat music)
Get the foam mixed in with the milk,
and it'll deflate a little bit on top
but that's not a big problem at all.
It actually looks really pretty spilled over like this.
Let's give it a try.
So because the coffee is so intense
with the two packets of instant coffee,
the flavor is really concentrated
and because I only added two teaspoons of sugar,
it's not intense.
I've seen a lot of recipes out there
that use two tablespoons of sugar,
and that's just way too much.
This is perfectly balanced and like I said,
really reminds me of coffee ice cream,
which is one of my favorite flavors.
(thoughtful music)
If you're looking for a caffeinated version
that's not coffee,
look no further than this matcha cream Dalgona version.
I mean, it wouldn't be a Honeysuckle drink video
if I didn't make a matcha version, right?
So for this one I'm taking a slightly different approach.
We're gonna be using a little bit of whipped cream
to help the matcha foam up.
This one's a little different than the last one
because, like I said earlier,
coffee has that stabilizing agent
or the crema after it's been roasted,
so when it's added with sugar,
it stabilizes and whips up into that beautiful foam.
Matcha, unfortunately, is just a tea powder
and it doesn't have that.
So first I'm gonna start by whipping up our cream,
heavy cream, I'm using a quarter cup here.
And to help it get nice and flavorful,
I'll add two teaspoons of sugar
and half a teaspoon of vanilla extract.
I'll go ahead and start whipping it up
until it gets nice and frothy.
For the heavy cream, you wanna make sure
that it's extra cold.
All right, so once you start seeing
kind of a ribbon form within the cream,
that's when you can add your matcha.
The reason why I didn't add the matcha at the beginning
was because once you aerate it
and whip too much air into it,
it kinda loses that color
and I want it to be a beautiful vibrant green.
So now I'll add our two teaspoons of matcha powder.
So for the matcha, there's varying grades of quality,
and there's a ceremonial,
there's kind of like the all-purpose one
that you can use for baking, drinks, what have you.
That's kind of like the best deal that you can get out there
and that's the kind that I'm using
'cause I tend to use matcha a lot.
But if you wanna use the ceremonial grade one,
that's extra fancy so maybe you just reduce it
to one teaspoon.
Now, we'll mix, mix, mix it up again.
It has a really beautiful, soft, creamy
and fluffy consistency,
pretty much like our coffee one.
But with whipped cream, I have to say,
it's really easy to go overboard and churn it into butter.
So you can either make matcha butter or you can save it
by just adding a little bit of whole milk into it
and re-whip it again to thin it out.
The consistency you're looking for
is this soft fluffy cloud.
Again, in my glass already filled with ice,
I'm gonna add a coconut almond mix this time
'cause I think it pairs really well with matcha.
I'll pour it three-quarters of the way up
and I'm gonna give this a quick taste though.
(tentative music)
Mm, mm.
This could be frosting.
Matcha whipped cream frosting, oh.
But I'm actually gonna add the Dalgona whipped matcha
on top of my milk.
(upbeat music)
And finally just to add a little bit of pizzazz,
I'm gonna dust the top with a little more matcha.
All right, so now I'm just gonna mix the foam in
with the milk, and you're just gonna have to mix it
throughout the whole process of drinking it.
Oh, the foam is spilling over.
Not a big deal, just scrape it back up, or lick it.
Oh, ho, ho, ho, ho, that is good.
I almost like this version way more
than the coffee one, I'd have to say.
I mean, I am a matcha lover
so this with the addition of the vanilla in there,
it's slightly sweet, not too sweet,
and heavy on the matcha flavor,
this drink is my go-to.
All right, but stick around.
We have one more.
Now, this one is a non-caffeinated version
with all of the super powers.
You have protein from the egg whites
and then you have the antiinflammatory properties
from the turmeric.
This is the golden milk Dalgona drink.
So for this version it's a little bit more involved
but trust me, it works beautifully.
I am basically gonna be using egg whites
to whip up our foam for our golden milk.
So I'm gonna heat up some water
until boiling point in my pot,
and then I'm gonna add my bowl right on top of it.
Now we're gonna add our flavorings in.
I have two teaspoons of sugar,
half a teaspoon of turmeric,
an eighth of a teaspoon of cinnamon,
an eighth of a teaspoon of ginger,
and then to activate the antiinflammatory properties
of the turmeric, a pinch of black pepper.
Finally, we'll add in two egg whites.
I'll save the yolk for flan or something later.
And then we'll whisk it all up until it's nice and frothy.
So doing it on a bain-marie like this,
a soft hot water bath,
cooks up the egg white so you don't have to worry about
drinking raw eggs (laughing) basically.
Halfway through I'm gonna take it off
and continue whisking it so it gets nice and foamy.
Now, in a glass filled with ice
I'm gonna add a coconut milk blend in here.
I'll pour it three-quarters the way full,
and then we'll scoop our golden mix mixture right on top.
(enchanted music)
Finally, I'll just give it a nice dusting
of cinnamon right on top, just a very light one.
All right, again, we'll just whip everything together,
let it really blend through.
The egg whites in here is probably the most foamy
out of all of the techniques that we tried.
And since I did it on a bain-marie,
the steam, the soft heat cooked the egg white
so you don't have to worry.
The color is so beautiful.
(intriguing music)
Oo, yeah.
With the coconut milk this is so just,
it's creamy, the turmeric latter,
or the turmeric flavor in this is apparent
but it's not overpowering, it's slightly sweet.
And then the cinnamon and ginger
really shines through as well.
And, in case you're wondering,
do you taste the black pepper?
Not at all.
I hope you guys enjoyed the three
Dalgona coffee-inspired drinks.
Actually, one is a real one
but I hope you guys enjoyed this.
It's all over the internet these days
and I find a lot of inspiration during this crazy time
from what you guys are making.
So if there's a new trend that you guys wanna see,
comment below and let me know what you want me to recreate.
Otherwise, let me know which version you would try.
And if you guys wanted to try the golden milk one
with the cream, that would totally work as well.
Instead of the matcha, just swap them out.
I hope this is easy enough to try.
Another project for us to look forward to.
I'll see you guys next time.
Okay, let's stick around.


DALGONA COFFEE Recipes ☕️ 3 FLAVORS, 3 FROTHY Techniques

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