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-I'm so excited about this.
This EP comes out September 6th.
And I just love that you're putting out new music.
Even though -- 'Cause you're busy. You're on tour.
-Yeah, I'm on tour. This came out of nowhere.
Like, I wanted to, like, take a break for a year.
And then my brain was like,
"Nope. You're gonna put out this."
-You got to do what your brain says, yeah.
-Yes, exactly. -How do you find time to record?
-I actually called my producer, Jon Levine, out.
And we basically just, like, made a little makeshift studio
on the tour bus, and, like, started, like, fleshing out --
Is it "flushing" or "fleshing?" I never knew.
I always mumble that word
'cause I don't know if it's "flushing" or "fleshing" out.
-Yeah. I would say -- Fleshing, I think.
-Fleshing out songs. -Fleshing it out, yeah.
We could flush it out too. -Flush it out.
[ Laughter ] Both things could be done.
-But that sounds -- I think it's fleshing.
-I think it's fleshing, yeah. -Fleshing.
-But flushing is a word. -Anyway, yeah.
-But the song -- your new song, "Rooting for You."
-Yeah. -I love that.
-Thank you.
-What's the idea behind that song, "Rooting for You"?
-It's kind of like -- I feel like it's a similar situation
that we all kind of go through where we are having,
like, a friendship with someone
or maybe a relationship or whatever.
And you think it's going great, and then it takes a turn.
And you're kind of, like -- it's almost like watching a movie
and, like, seeing the protagonist go the wrong way
and you're like, "Dude." -"No."
-"I was rooting for you. Why'd you got to go and do that?"
-Yeah, like, "No, come on, man. I loved you."
-Yeah, that's kind of what happened to me.
-And you tried to get Tyra, was it, Tyra Banks?
-Yeah, 'cause I don't know if you guys have seen --
There's, like, a clip in "America's Next Top Model"
where she's yelling at this model who, I guess, like,
wasn't passionate about what she was doing.
I don't really know the context, but she was just --
She just goes -- Tyra goes to her.
She's like, "I was rooting for you.
We were all rooting for you. How dare you?!"
And I wanted to put that in. [ Applause ]
Impression, number one.
But yeah.
I tried to, like, get that in the beginning of the song,
but her people or her, like, they didn't answer my e-mail.
So I couldn't add it in. I couldn't add the sample in.
-Tyra, we were rooting for you.
-Rooting for you. -I mean, what are you doing?
[ Laughter ]
-If you see this, we're still rooting for you.
I can get it on the EP version.
-You're on tour with Shawn Mendes.
-Yeah. -Who's a buddy.
[ Cheers and applause ] Yeah, we love him.
-Yeah. -He's a great guy.
-He is. -He tweeted out something.
He said that he's been a fan of yours since 2013.
-It's, like, an old tweet that he said, "Who is this girl?
She's dope. Does anyone know if she's got Twitter?"
[ Laughter ]
-"She's got." -Yeah, yeah.
Do you remember this at all? -I do, yeah.
I remember when it happened too 'cause my --
I wasn't, like, doing music at the time at all,
so, like, my Twitter had like 50 followers or whatever.
And I started getting all these crazy mentions
'cause he was big on Vine at the time.
And I was like, "What's happening on my Twitter?
What's going on?"
And then I realized he tweeted me.
And I was, like, "Hey, that's, like, the Vine singer guy.
That's so cool."
And then I think I followed him then.
And he might have followed me.
And then we kind of kept in touch throughout all the years,
because we're from, like,
pretty much the same place in Canada almost.
Like, 40 minutes away from each other.
-That's so fun. -Yeah.
-Isn't that amazing it starts right there?
-And now we're touring together. It's so weird.
-That's great. And then you're doing your own tour.
-I am. I'm doing my own tour. October 21st is the first date.
-Good for you. -Yeah.
[ Cheers and applause ]
-You told me about this fun thing -- this fun thing
that you do with your girlfriend when you're on tour.
It's just a fun joke. But can you explain the joke to me?
'Cause I do have -- I have a straw.
-Yeah. Oh, my God. Okay, yeah.
-Here's your straw. It's a metal straw.
-Thank you. It's a metal straw. -Don't use plastic straws.
-Yes, save the turtles, everybody.
-Yeah, alright. [ Applause ]
So what is the bit? What is your bit?
-Okay. So do you want to take your mug?
-Sure. -So, okay, this is really dumb.
I don't even know where this stemmed from.
I think I was talking to my best friend and her brother.
And her brother mentioned how --
he mentioned his frustration with, like, big men and, like,
using little, tiny straws and how it was funny.
And then from there we just starting thinking of
how funny it would be, like,
if someone saying something super serious and then, like,
they go to take a sip of the straw
but they can't find the straw.
And then they instantly, like, become, like, not cool.
[ Laughs ] And we just do this.
-Alright, let's -- We'll make you laugh.
Let's be very serious. You do it.
-I'll do it and then you do one. -Okay, gotcha.
-Alright. Oh, my gosh. Now I'm nervous.
-No, it's alright.
-I'm so glad that our bit made it to TV, by the way.
I just have to say. -Yeah, well, yeah.
[ Laughter ] -Yeah. Okay, so, okay.
Listen, dude.
Man to man, you mess with my family, you mess with me.
And don't make me have to tell you again.
[ Laughter ]
Don't make me have to tell you again.
[ Applause ]
-I don't think I can top that. Alright.
I want to talk about Juanes. Tonight you're performing.
How did you guys hook up?
-I actually have a tour manager.
My tour manager used to tour-manage him
or used to manager him.
And they've been, like, life-long friends.
And so Juanes had a song
that he said would be really perfect for me.
So, you know, my tour manager
was like the middle man and kind of made that happen.
-Have you ever sung in Spanish before?
-Never in my life. It was, like, so terrifying.
And it was so cool
'cause they let me write something in English
and then Juanes and his producer translated it to Spanish.
So, like, I got to, like, write a little Spanish part.
Well, I didn't write the Spanish part.
But you know. -Yeah.
-Like, now I'm singing it. -Yeah.
And you're gonna perform it tonight.
-Yeah, for the first time ever.


Shawn Mendes Followed Alessia Cara from Twitter in 2013 to Tour Today

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