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  • -A couple years ago, for Father's Day,

  • you know, I put out a book for kids

  • called "Your Baby's First Word Will be DADA."

  • And, yeah, it makes a pretty decent Father's Day gift.

  • Very, very proud of it.

  • It's very thick -- very long read.

  • -Wow!

  • -Anyways, it's a fun kids book.

  • Anyways, we teamed up with Mudpuppy.

  • I don't know if you know them. They make, like, cool toys

  • and puzzles and stuff like that.

  • And so we teamed up with them to make DADA --

  • and actually MAMA puzzles as well.

  • Don't forget MAMA. Yeah, don't forget MAMA.

  • I know it's Father's Day, but don't forget MAMA.

  • But these are good. These fun -- fun puzzles.

  • These puzzles are pretty...

  • I mean, they're your basic puzzle.

  • I mean, they're like two -- they're two pieces.

  • Two-piece puzzle. [ Laughter ]

  • So, I mean -- Yeah. -Whoa-wee. That seems...

  • -Yeah. I mean, come on, right? Can you beat that?

  • I mean, is that great? -That's complicated.

  • -Well, no -- Well, what it is, it gets the mind moving.

  • You enjoy puzzles. -You know me. I'm a puzzler.

  • -It's almost like The New York Times Crossword Mondays.

  • -Yeah. -It gets you kinda...

  • You get the brains moving, get the blood moving.

  • -Get the juices going, yeah. -Get the juices flowing.

  • You get ready for Sunday, when you don't know anything.

  • I mean, do you want to try this?

  • -Love it. Let me see if I can do it.

  • -Like, what would you do --

  • So you're saying you don't understand the concept.

  • How many pieces do you think this is?

  • -I don't know. -It's a two-piece puzzle.

  • -Okay. -There you go.

  • What would you do with it?

  • No, don't eat it. No, you don't eat it.

  • -[ Laughs ] -No, you don't eat it.

  • You don't lay it perpendicular to the other one.

  • -Alright, wait a second.

  • -Oh, man, don't freak out.

  • This is for kids. -[ Sighing ] Oh, okay.

  • -Oh, wait a second.

  • -Gah! -There he goes!

  • Right there! He did it!

  • Unbelievable. [ Bell dings ]

  • [ Cheers and applause ]

  • -So tough.

  • -Thank you to Mudpuppy and everyone in the --

  • everyone working on these puzzles.

  • In fact, in honor of Father's Day,

  • everyone in the audience is getting

  • a DADA puzzle to take home. -Aww! Did you hear that?

  • [ Cheers and applause ]

  • -New MAMA and DADA puzzles and flashcards

  • on Amazon,, wherever kids books are sold.

  • [ Cheers and applause continue ]

  • We'll be right back!

  • Happy Father's Day to all the dads!

-A couple years ago, for Father's Day,


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ジミーがマッドパッピーのDADAとMAMAのパズルとフラッシュカードを披露 (Jimmy Showcases His Mudpuppy DADA and MAMA Puzzles and Flashcards)

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