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-You said that you're having an amazing week.
-It's been the craziest week.
Yeah, so, I just got back from L.A.
and I got to tour "The Brady Bunch" house.
It's been renovated. -No, I'm freaking out.
I know everything about it. I'm watching the show right now.
"The Brady Bunch" -- They got all the --
They got all the Brady Bunch together with, like,
the HGTV superstars and made the house.
-There's all this, like, old stuff.
I got to use a rotary phone.
By the way, those things are cool.
Have you used one of those? You know, the rotary phone.
It was like -- You have to press the button
and then turn the dial.
-You don't press any buttons at all.
You put four finger in a hole and then you --
-I got tired just -- -Press the buttons. Oh, my gosh.
You're such a kid. Oh, my gosh.
[ Australian accent ] They had crazy things.
They had stairs you would walk up.
-It was crazy.
-But you did walk up the classic stairs.
-The classic stairs.
-You and your family did the pose.
-It was legendary. -Look at this.
This is the Irwins at "The Brady Bunch" house.
-All I could think was the theme song just rolling in my head.
-Dude, that's legendary! -How awesome is that?
It was so cool. -I want to check it out.
I love it.
I know -- We were talking backstage about live stuff.
And you've been on our show a bunch of times.
But you said they kind of squeaked out of you.
that you're a super-fan of "Saturday Night Live."
-Oh, I love "SNL," so it's so cool, I mean, to be on the show
with Colin and with Michael and you, of course.
Like, I've always -- Like, growing up --
-You could have started with me.
-Yeah, sorry about that. -Yeah, yeah, yeah.
-Your cowbell sketch and all those.
I love it. I love it. I really do.
I really, really do.
-I want to talk about -- 'Cause I love your family.
I see them all the time. They're here.
Bindi got engaged. -She did.
-This is amazing to me. -Yeah, Bindi just got engaged.
[ Cheers and applause ] How awesome is that?
-Now, Bindi got engaged at the zoo.
-She did.
Yeah, so, it was right at the Australia Zoo gardens.
Chandler, who's now her fiancé --
-I know Chandler, yeah.
-He's the loveliest guy.
He's so loyal and so kind to Bindi.
So it was amazing. Look at this. They took a photo.
-How beautiful is that?
Yeah, I got to photograph it, too.
It was incredible. -You take great photos.
-Oh, thank you. Thank you very much.
-This thing made me laugh, because -- You sent me this.
I go, "That is gorgeous."
And you're like, "Actually, since I took the photo,
I wanted to rehearse where exactly everyone would stand."
-So, before we did it, Chandler came up to me,
and, you know, of course he asked Mom and I,
asked our permission, but he also said,
"I want to make sure it's perfect,
where we're doing this -- where I'm doing this proposal."
So, I stood in for Bindi and mocked up
where he was going to propose.
And Bindi hasn't even seen this photo, but I've got it with me.
So, this is me. It was awesome. [ Cheers and applause ]
It was the happiest moment of my life.
-Oh, I love you. I love you, man.
And, so, you are making plans after the wedding.
Is it gonna be at the zoo?
-Oh, it's going to be at the zoo.
I'm walking Bindi down the aisle,
which is just gonna be awesome.
But I've got some big ideas for the wedding
that I've broached with Bindi.
Like, first of all, right off the bat,
Idris Elba deejaying.
That's the best idea -- Yeah, absolutely.
Go big or go home.
-And then I thought, you know, you need something
that people are gonna remember,
so I'm thinking rappelling out of choppers.
Like, Bindi, Chandler both come out of choppers,
like SWAT team style.
Like, it's got to be something good,
you know, something you remember.
-Yeah. And how is that going so far?
-It was a flat "no" on the chopper.
-Yeah, yeah, yeah. -We'll see.
We'll see if we can push them through.
-I want to talk about "Crikey! It's the Irwins."
-"Crikey!" Yeah, that's it.
-Second season is starting in October -- next week.
Over 40 million people are watching the show.
-Oh, it has been incredible.
[ Cheers and applause ] Yeah, thank you.
-And what you do for animals and for wildlife
is just amazing -- you and your family.
-Thank you very much.
And, you know, a lot of the show is kind of what we do
with our rescue work, rehabilitation.
So, rescuing wild animals, giving them that
second chance at survival -- that's what we're all about.
And we love what we get to do. It really is incredible.
-And just reminding everybody,
yeah, what we're fighting for here.
-Exactly. Yeah. We've only got one planet.
-Yeah. Exactly. Right?
But you're following in your dad's footsteps
and you are doing a great job.
-Oh, I love it. I really do. Thanks.
[ Cheers and applause ] Thank you.
-We actually got a photo of you this season
and we compared it to a photo of your dad
with the same croc, I believe.
-Yeah, it's the exact same croc.
-That's got to be -- That's just got to be amazing
when you see something like that.
If you can zoom in a little bit, you can see --
-That was actually the same croc.
That's Murray. And we're both feeding it.
And I actually hadn't seen this photo before,
so that was completely by chance.
And, you know, that's why we do what we do, you know,
is to continue that legacy.
And, you know, with all the conservation properties
we have all over the world, all the conservation projects,
the wildlife hospital, everything we do at the zoo --
it's to make sure that everything
dad fought for continues.
-Well, he's looking down.
He's looking down and he's very, very, buddy.
-Thank you very much. -Very proud. I love you, buddy.
-Robert Irwin, everybody.
Season 2 of "Crikey! It's the Irwins"
premieres October 5th at 8:00 p.m. on Animal Planet.


Robert Irwin Reveals an Outtake Photo from His Sister Bindi's Engagement

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