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-Previously on "The Longest Days of Our Lives"...
-Now it's time for one of you
to meet your son!
-Hello, daddies. -[ Gasping ]
-I'm now the heir to your family fortune!
-[ Gasping ]
-You stabbed me.
-[ Gasping ]
-A horrible time that feels like it might last forever.
These are "The Longest Days of Our Lives.
-Oh, Fontaine, now that Winston is dead,
we can finally be together and alone...online,
the most private place in the world.
-I would never say this in front of him,
but I'm glad he's dead.
-Glad who's dead? ♪♪
-Oh! -Oh!
-Winston, I thought you were dead!
What went wrong?
I mean, what happened?
-Well, it's a long and fascinating story.
You see, I --
Winston, you're frozen, buddy.
-Yeah, Winston, we can't hear -- we can't hear you.
-Maybe try turning your Internet off and then on.
-By the time I saw the bright light, I realized
I was in a 7-Eleven. [ Knock ]
-Hold on someone's knocking at my Zoom.
Hello? -Hello.
-[ All gasp ]
-That's right. It's me.
The top private investigator here in the Cape Bay Harbor,
the town where we all live.
-Oh, yes. -Sure, yes.
-I live there. -That's where we live.
We live in the harbor. -That's our town.
-We live in Cape Bay. We always have lived here.
-I'm here about your son/nephew Blake.
He --
-He what?
-You're frozen.
-And now he's frozen.
-Yes, yes. You were frozen.
-No, no, no. He's frozen.
-Who's frozen? -Blake's frozen.
-The lake is frozen?
-Blake is frozen.
-Blake is frozen? Blake's not even on the Zoom.
-Because he's frozen in the lake.
-So the lake is still frozen?
-Yes, and so is Blake.
-Did he try turning his Internet off and then on again?
-No. Listen closely.
Blake is frozen inside the lake,
which is also frozen.
-So you're saying Blake fell into the lake
and then froze in the lake?
-[ Gasps ]
-[ Gasps ] -[ Gasps ]
-And to think he didn't freeze in the cape
or the bay or the harbor.
-That's correct. He froze in the lake.
-But I just spoke to him yesterday.
My God, it feels like just yesterday.
I remember I was --
I was wearing my red hat.
Blake, my boy. What are you doing tomorrow?
Oh, going to the lake?
And you're going to go for a swim during the cold snap?
All right.
Sorry. I was --
I was lost in a flashback.
-Look, I know this news about Blake in the lake
is tough to take.
Trust me, I wish it was fake.
but I have his last will and testament here.
-[ Gasps ]
-[ Gasps ] -[ Shrieks ]
-I'd like to read it to you now. Ahem.
Dearest Mother, Father, and Uncle,
As you all know, I've recently inherited our family's fortune.
In the event that I fall into a lake, however,
I bequeath that fortune back to one of you.
And the one I bequeath it to is --
-You're frozen again.
-Who gets the money?!
-I think it's pretty clear he's about to say my name.
-No. He was about to say my name.
-He's going to say mine! -Mine!
-Mine! -Mine! Oh!
Ahh! -Uhh!
[ Loud slapping ]
-Oh! -My name!
-My name better be on that will, or else I pushed Blake
into the lake for no reason.
[ All gasp ]
-I heard what you said!
I was only pretending to be frozen!
-[ Gasps ]
-And the will stipulates that
"if Winston pushed me into the lake,
then the person who gets the money is...
the orphanage."
-[ Gasps ] -[ Gasps ]
-[ Gasps ] -[ Gasps ]
-Ha! Ha! Ha!
-Ah! -[ Gasps ]
-[ Gasps ] [ Slap ]
-[ Shudders ]
[ Grunting, shrieking ]
[ Slapping continues ]
[ Loud punch ]
[ All gasp ]
-Winston, your hair!
-[ Gasps ]
-Join us next week on "The Longest Days of Our Lives."


The Longest Days of Our Lives (Tariq Trotter, Will Ferrell, Kristen Wiig): Chapter 4

林宜悉 2020 年 7 月 3 日 に公開
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