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-Last time you were here on our show,
you were talking about how you're gonna go to WrestleMania,
and I thought it was hilarious.
And here's a picture of you guys.
Were you nervous for that thing? -Yeah.
-Colin, did -- -I was more likely to cry.
-Did you cry? [ Laughter ]
I remember the doctor talked to us before.
By the way, even the doctor of WrestleMania is like jacked.
This jacked doctor. We're like, "Any advice?"
He's like, "Just don't get, like, a head injury."
[ Laughter ] -Dude, we're comedians.
We hope we don't get a head injury.
Here's you entering, and this is Giant Stadium.
-Yeah, it was Giants Stadium. -MetLife, yeah.
-And here's what you were wearing.
[ Laughter ]
-The Giants had traded Odell Beckham Jr.,
like, the week before, and so I wore an Odell jersey
into Giant Stadium, and they booed.
-Oh, yeah. You think so?
Turns out they didn't appreciate that joke.
-And a lot of people might not know this,
but when you get booed by 85,000 people, it hurts your feeling.
[ Laughter ]
-It legit hurts your feelings.
-You make eye contact, you hear specifically
what they don't like about you.
I don't recommend it.
-You were wearing these leggings with your face on it.
-Yeah, they -- [ Laughs ]
They gave us these tights, and we didn't want to wear them,
and they suggested we wear them, and you know what?
I like tights now.
[ Laughter ]
-If they suggest stuff, you have to do it.
-I wear them all the time. I wear them to work out.
I'm not allowed on the elevator anymore.
-So, let's go back to "SNL."
This week, the premiere, Woody Harrelson, Billie Eilish.
Big sketches. I already heard a couple ideas that are fun.
Is there any sketches that you tried to write
that you never could do?
-We've had a couple through the yea--
Well, I remember, my first year, I overlapped with Horatio
when I was a writer. -Oh, he's the best.
-That's my man, Horatio Sanz. -Yeah. And we wanted --
We were talking about something that had a live chimp in it,
which, of course, why wouldn't you do that?
-Yeah. -And then, that week,
there was a story in the news that I guess a chimp had, like,
ripped off a man's genitals, basically,
and then, he threw them --
The chimp was smart enough, strategically,
that he threw the genitals into a field
or wherever they were hanging out,
so that he intuitively knew they couldn't reattach them.
-I know, I did -- I did hear that.
-Maybe I'm putting some logic in the chimp's brain, but...
-And so Horatio said, "I don't want to do this."
-He was like, "Maybe not 'cause of that."
-Yeah, "I don't want to work with a chimp."
-"I'd rather not."
And then, I explained that to Che,
and Che was like, "Well, what's the situation
where he was able to easily access to guy's genitals?"
[ Laughter ]
Probably not through pants.
The pants are probably down.
-He probably ran into --
Like, he probably ran into a room with his buddies,
like, "He didn't go for it."
[ Laughter ]
"He said no." [ Laughter ]
-Like, you're thinking, like,
"How would he go through his pants?"
Yeah. [ Laughter ]
-"Yeah, but your pants are fine. I don't know what happened."
[ Laughter ]
-Colin Jost, Michael Che, everybody.
[ Cheers and applause ]
How am I supposed to follow a chimp?
[ Laughter ]
This is just garbage.
"Saturday Night Live" returns this Saturday, on NBC.


WrestleMania Fans Hurt Michael Che and Colin Jost's Feelings

林宜悉 2020 年 7 月 3 日 に公開
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