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  • -We had Ryan Reynolds on last week and he was telling me

  • that you guys were filming this movie "Red Notice."

  • -Yeah. -And he said that he --

  • It might be one of the most --

  • the hardest times he's ever laughed

  • in any movie he's made.

  • He loves you.

  • -Dude, Ryan is the best.

  • And he is -- we did "Hobbs & Shaw" together,

  • but that was a smaller cameo, but this was our movie that,

  • you know, we -- we locked arms on, right?

  • Us and Gal Gadot, by the way, who's amazing.

  • -Yes, she is.

  • -We are in these scenes, but a lot of the movie is --

  • a lot of the first six weeks of the movie was just Ryan and I

  • and man, I-I like to think that I am a professional

  • and I'm disciplined, oh, my God.

  • I have never laughed so hard.

  • But it gets to a point, by the way,

  • and you know, by the way,

  • Ryan, he has an athlete's mentality,

  • he comes on set, he's ready to work.

  • As funny and brilliant as he is, you know,

  • he's like this and he's an intense actor.

  • But it got to a point where he would say something

  • and I would say something and then he would say it

  • in a way that he knew I liked

  • which is actually needling me when the camera's on me.

  • And I -- and you reach a point where you're like,

  • I, [bleep] it, excuse my language.

  • I gotta say it. It all comes out.

  • -And once you get the giggles, forget it, man.

  • -Oh, it's -- it was horrible and he's gonna kill me for this,

  • but he did this thing where he was my close up

  • and we're having this intense conversation.

  • And I said something and he looked at me

  • and I gave him my response, boom.

  • And he goes, "Mm."

  • And it was the weirdest -- what?

  • I was -- I was bent over laughing so hard at him.

  • -Sometimes it's those little sounds, man.

  • -That's it. Just wanted to do that.

  • But you know what? We had the best time.

  • And it -- six weeks, I think we were halfway through the movie

  • and then this thing happened so, you know,

  • we all -- we will come back together, yeah, at some point

  • when it's right and when it's safe for our crew

  • and it's the best environment that we could create

  • and culture for them.

  • And we're gonna make a great movie for Netflix.

-We had Ryan Reynolds on last week and he was telling me


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