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-This first poll asks, "What is your favorite finger food?"
50% said, "Chicken fingers." 49% said, "Fish fingers."
Joe Biden said, "Lady fingers."
-This poll asks, "What are you most worried about
for the future?"
10% said, "The environment." 10% said, "The election."
10% said, "The state of the world."
70% said, "The first parents who name their kid Baby Yoda."
It's gonna happen. It's gonna happen.
Next poll asks, "Are you excited for the Olympics?"
70% said, "Yes."
Russia said, "Nyet."
This next one asks, "What's your favorite Christmas tradition?"
65% said, "Opening presents." 23% said, "Decorating the tree."
12% said, "Telling Uncle Dave it doesn't matter
how premium the bud is.
Don't show pictures of your homegrown weed to my kids."
12%? -Put it away.
-Next they asked, "Do you think Trump will get impeached?"
10% said, "Yes."
10% said, "No." 10% said, "I'm confused.
Hasn't he already been impeached?"
10% said, "No, no.
There's a difference between being impeached
and removed from office."
10% said, "Oh, so he has been impeached,
but not removed from office?"
10% said, "You're not listening, Doug.
He hasn't been impeached or removed from office.
The question is asking if you think he will be impeached."
10% said, "Don't give me attitude, Paula.
I'm trying to do my best here.
Sorry if I don't sit in front of the TV
watching CNN all day long.
Some of us have jobs to go to."
10% said, "I'm a journalist, Doug."
10% said, "You have a blog, Paula."
10% said, "And that's more than you'll ever have, Doug.
Visit politics.blogspace.com for more details."
[ Cheers and applause ] -Wow.
-This last poll asks, "What do you think about
Facebook's ads being so accurate?"
70% said, "I think it's helpful."
29% said, "I don't like it. It's eerie."
Facebook said, "Visit Lake Erie -- 50% off."
That's all the time we have for "Tonight Show Polls."


Tonight Show Polls: What's Your Favorite Christmas Tradition?

林宜悉 2020 年 7 月 3 日 に公開
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