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-Emilia, here's how it works.
Upstage are nine mystery boxes
containing objects no one has ever seen before.
-Ooh. -On your turn, you pick a box,
take out the object, and you describe it to your opponent.
And they have to guess if you're lying or telling the truth.
-Okay. -We'll play three rounds.
Emilia, why don't you pick the first box?
-Okay. Alright, then. -Audience want to help?
[ Audience shouting ]
-Four? I'm going to go with four.
I'm going to go with four. I feel like I'm on a game show.
Right. Okay. Open it right here? -Yep.
-Excellent. Lovely.
Oh. Lovely.
[ Laughter ]
[ Laughs ] -All right.
[ Laughs ] Alright. Ready?
-[ Clears throat ]
-What is -- What is in the box?
-Well, it's a very small frog wearing a monocle.
-That's it? A frog with a monocle?
-With a monocle, yeah. -No other -- No other --
That's it? -No, the frog is green.
-Yeah, a green frog. Yes. -A green frog wearing a --
-Monocle. Like a Mr. Peanut type of thing.
-Well, yes, exactly. Mr. Peanut.
-But he's not wearing a hat. No. -No, no.
-No other clothing.
-It would have improved upon the, you know, the whole --
-Yeah, had he been wearing a hat.
-Yeah. Yeah. -Well, this is very interesting
because we pay our art department
a lot of money on this show.
-It's a really detailed monocle.
[ Laughter ]
-It's a really detailed monocle?
Oh, my gosh.
I hate to say this. I hate to say this.
-It's a baby chain.
-I'm going to have to say... you lie!
Am I right? -Yeah, you're right.
It's a carrot in a...
-A corndog. A corndog vampire.
-I thought it was a carrot. -No, it's not a carrot.
What are you talking about? -I'm so English.
I don't know what a corndog is.
-It's so American. -That's what it is.
-It's a corndog. Sorry. -It's a corndog.
-Yeah, yeah, alright. Here we go.
-It's a Dracula corndog. -What should I pick?
-Uno! -Uno?
[ Audience shouting ]
[ Grunting ]
-Heavens. That looks heavy.
-[ Breathing heavily ]
[ Laughter ]
[ Laughter ]
-I don't find this funny. -No.
-But it's creative.
-Oh, good. -It's clever.
-It's two figurines. -uh-huh.
-One is President Trump.
-The other is the hero dog who caught the terrorist,
and they're doing a "Lady and the Tramp"
like they're about to kiss each other.
[ Laughter ]
There's a line of spaghetti between them.
-Is the gingham tablecloth anywhere or...?
-Yes, there's a tiny tablecloth. -There is?
'Cause you didn't mention that. Okay, cool.
-Well, it's the scene from "Lady and the Tramp."
-It's the scene from "Lady and the Tramp."
-Pretty much. -Are they sitting? No.
-What's that? -Are they sitting down?
-Yes, they're leaning into each other.
-Oh, okay.
[ Laughter ]
I think...
[ Drum roll ]
...that you're telling the truth!
No! [ Buzzer ]
-What?! That's unbelievable!
I think that's the first time I've ever won!
[ Cheers and applause ]
Should we try one more? -I wanted to see that.
-Let's try one more. This one is worth a thousand points.
So, Emilia -- -Oh, is it --
-It's like a hockey puck. -Oh, hockey-themed --
-Yeah. Hockey-themed McDonald's. -Excellent.
-Yeah. -Lovely.
-Yeah. Wow.
[ Audience shouting ]
-Two, two. Two.
Let's go for the one I can reach with my tiny arms.
Okay. Right.
Wow. That's --
-Okay. You're surprised? You're confused?
-It's a salad bowl of money.
[ Laughter ]
That's what it is.
-It's a solid bowl of money?
I don't even know what that means.
-Salad. -Solid.
-Salad. Come on! Salad. -Oh, salad!
-It's a salad bowl of money. -Oh, salad. Sorry.
-Salad. Heavens!
-I'm sorry. [ Laughs ]
I'm sorry. -I'm joking. I'm joking.
-It's a solid -- a solid bowl of money.
-Solid. It's a solid bowl of money.
-It's a solid bowl of money. -No, bruv, it's a salad bowl.
-I gotta blow the bloody doors off...
-So it's a salad bowl. -Salad bowl of money.
-Is there anything else in that salad?
-I guess. Yeah. There's --
I suppose it's identifiable as, um --
-Yeah, yeah. Think of something. -Croutons.
-Think of something. -Croutons.
-Oh, croutons. -Croutons.
-Yeah, absolutely.
Gosh. This is tough.
Is it a salad bowl --
solid bowl of money with croutons?
-Croutons. -I'm going to say yes it is.
You're telling the truth. -Oh...
[ Cheers and applause ]
Oh, my gosh! My first time I've ever won!
You're so good. You almost got me there.
Emilia Clarke, everybody!
You can play "Box of Lies" at home
with the new Box of Lies home game from Hasbro.


Box of Lies with Emilia Clarke

林宜悉 2020 年 7 月 3 日 に公開
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