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-Thank you for playing Catchphrase.
Is that a game you guys played before?
-Yeah. Like I said, I've played with my sister.
We drink a bottle of Hennessy, me and my sister.
-Yeah. -It's usually not Catchphrase.
It's more like Roasting People?
"You got a big-ass head, boy!"
-Yeah, yeah, yeah. You just do that.
Because I saw -- I watch the show.
And I saw you guys play a game the other night with --
And this is so you.
You were playing with Desus because he doesn't --
-Oh, yes. -He doesn't recognize...
-Caucasians. -Caucasian celebrities.
-Okay, yeah. Yeah. White celebrities.
-He has problems with that. -Yeah, you do, 'cause you --
-You know what it is? Because I have such a pure heart, I don't see color, so...
-That's right. -That's probably what it is?
-His soul is colorless.
-You've been on my show five times,
and every time, you've called me Jimmy Kimmel.
[ Laughter ]
-I mean -- -Every time!
I go, "Dude, we know -- I've been on your show."
-I mean, I just don't see color, Jimmy.
-You really don't. -I don't.
-You named names, and he had no idea?
-No idea. Also, he doesn't know names, either.
He's telling me there's a guy called in "Avengers"
called Chris Pine.
-I mean, I thought it was Chris Pine!
Who can tell the difference between Chris Pratt,
Chris Evans, and Chris Pine? Raise your hand.
[ Laughter ] One guy in the back.
-Yeah, one guy. -And that's Chris Pratt's dad.
-"I know my son." -"Yeah."
-We have Robert Irwin here tonight.
Have you seen a bunch of crazy animals backstage?
-We saw them, but there's no Bronx animals here today.
-What's a Bronx animal?
-Like a pit bull in a Yankees hat or something.
-You know what I'm sayin'?
-Just a squirrel with Timberlands like, "Yerrr!"
-Like a pigeon with one leg and a Newport.
-"I remember when this was a nice city! Ergh!"
-"Rents is high, you know? It's crazy."
-"I miss Giuliani." -"A pit bull in a Yankees hat."
Oh, my gosh.
You were getting into "Game of Thrones" the other night.
Now, you've never seen the show before?
-I have never seen an episode of "Game of Thrones" before,
and I thought, what better chance to start than now?
-But you told everyone you're going to live-tweet the show.
-I'm going to live tweet it, and I'm going to discover it
the same time you guys are watching it.
Here's some of your tweets just 'cause it made me laugh.
This says, "About to watch tonight's 'Game of Thrones,'
and I still don't know the characters.
So I just want both sides to have a good time."
-Yeah. [ Laughter ]
Why does there have to be a winner
of the Battle of Winterfall? -Yeah, yeah, yeah.
-...participation trophies. -This one just made me laugh
because it was a very dark episode.
And this really made me laugh.
This tweet said,
"How do you switch this show from night mode?"
[ Laughter ]
-Is it just always that dark on the show?
I have no idea what's going on. -It just made me laugh.
-They only had torches back then.
-Yeah, of course. -In Westeros.
-In whatever time that was. -Also, I didn't even know
that was the name of where it took place.
I thought it was, like, Upstate New York.
-Are you going to watch that?
Are you going to continue to watch the show?
-It's fascinating.
That little baby-face girl killed somebody.
And I was like, "Wow. This is incredible.
I have to find out who that guy was."
-Yes, yes. You should.
-You got to back like four seasons.
-That's a lot of work. -Let's talk about your show.
You're on Showtime now,
and you're going to two nights a week.
-That's right! -This is a big deal.
-You know what I'm sayin'? That's right.
-Monday and Thursday night. -That's right.
-We are going to DP you every week.
Double production, bro. Double production.
-Wow, wow, wow. -Double production.
Double the production. -What are you talking about?
Wait. Mondays and when? -Thursday.
-Monday and Thursday nights. -Double the production.
-You guys can do that, though. You've done --
-We used to do four nights a week.
Two nights a week should be good.
I mean, it's two paychecks now. So that's cool.
Showtime doesn't know that, but they just found out.
-Yeah, they just found out now.
You're doing great. Why'd you decide to do that?
Just because the show's doing well?
-The fans wanted it, man. You know, when you read reviews
of your show, and, like, the only negative review is like,
"We want more of this," it's kind of a good review.
So it was just like, "Okay. Here.
I will sacrifice my life and my family for your laughs."
-But you -- you said that your parents said
that they don't believe that you have real jobs.
-Well, now they do. -They do?
-Now they do. -Oh, okay.
But back when you were doing -- -Yeah, they were like, "Eh."
And then I lent my mom five grand, like I told you before,
and she was like, "Okay, now I kind of believe you.
You know? It's kind of true."
Then she saw a billboard, and she was like,
"Oh, okay, I guess. Like, if you're on a billboard,
I guess it's a real job."
-My parents came around because they saw --
Last time we were on your show,
they were like, "Oh, wow! You're on 'Jimmy Fallon'!"
I was very causal. Like, "Yeah, Jimmy's cool."
-Wow. -That first-name basis.
They was like, "Wow. You must really be famous."
I was like, "Yeah. You know he gave us pickles, right?"
-"Yeah, we hang out with Jimmy all the time.
We go to Yanks/Sox games." -"Yeah, it's nothing."
-I gave you -- Because I was into making pickles.
-Are you no longer into making pickles?
-No. -Was that a phase?
-It was a fad I was going through.
It was a real rough patch. -Did I offend you when I was
like, "That's the whitest thing I've ever seen"?
-No, you didn't offend me at all.
I was very excited about it, and I really worked hard
on the ingredients, and the idea of pickling
and the science that goes into it.
I gave you each a jar of homemade.
-Which were delicious, by the way.
-Fantastic. -Thank you. You did eat them?
-I had them with a tuna melt at 3:00 a.m., stoned.
-Whoo! -Delicious. Delicious.
-So I gave them to you, and you said,
"Dude, that is the whitest thing anyone's ever given me."
A jar pickles. -To this day.
But then I went in the green room,
and you gave me Ugg slippers, so you one-upped yourself.
-Yeah. -That's true.
-The last time you were here, you gave me chopped cheese.
-Yes. Chopped cheese sandwiches.
-Yeah. -Remember that? Life-changing.
-It's life-changing. Absolutely. I love that.
All right. Good.
-You can get mad. You know what I'm saying?
Chopped cheese... Philly cheesesteak.
-Whoo! -Yeah, I said it.
[ Laughter ]
-Can we talk about when you were out with Cory Booker?
-Oh, yeah. Wow.
-What you guys do in the show, sometimes you do remote pieces.
And you played a little basketball with Cory Booker.
-Cory Booker can not be President of the United States
because he plays dirty basketball.
-That's right. -I'm putting that out there.
-He gave me a hard foul on the ribs.
-He's the Kevin Garnett of politics.
-He's pretty good, huh?
-He's good, but you know what? -He has an old-man game.
-Yeah, so, we also have an old-man game
because we don't play basketball whatsoever.
We almost died on the court. -Really?
-I haven't run across an entire gym since 1999.
-I haven't played basketball since the Knicks
legit had a championship chance.
And that was, like, what? '83?
-Maybe next year? -Hopefully. Hopefully.
-That's what the "NY" in Knicks stands for -- Next Year.
-Wow, wow.
-Maybe next year. -They got it next year.


Desus and Mero Get Into Game of Thrones, Challenge Cory Booker to Basketball

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