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-"Saturday Night Live,"
you're hosting for the first time this weekend.
-Yeah. -How's it going, buddy?
-I'm intermittently terrified and confident.
So, one minute -- one minute, I'm, like, shaking.
-That's the balance you want.
-Yeah, shaking with terror in my dressing room going,
"Why did I ever agree to do this?
I'm the most unfunny person in the world."
-And the next minute, I'm, like, ling of comedy.
I'm like, "I know what I'm doing."
So it's like a roller coaster.
I have ultimate admiration for those guys who do it.
-Oh, I saw the bits that you've been doing,
the promos with Leslie Jones.
And, man, oh, man, it's hilarious.
-Yeah, it was a good induction into it,
just being abused by Leslie Jones.
-Yeah. What was the concept behind that?
It's just her fantasy of what she thinks?
-Yeah, the concept was that she's just been so excited
about the "Thrones SNL,"
and she's mocking up all these different things.
And then she gets me.
And then I'm like, "There's no one else here.
We've not even started 'SNL.'
What is going on?"
-"What is happening?" It's really great.
-Sara Bareilles, musical guest.
I'm telling you, you're gonna be great.
And it's such a rush and such a good cast.
I mean, everything I've heard -- I've heard great things.
They love working with you up there.
Is -- Have you gotten advice from anyone?
-Uh, I -- Who did I turn to to get advice from?
Like, I rang my mum. -Yeah.
There you go. Yeah, why not?
-Like, not, like, Peter Dinklage or Jason Momoa
or, you know, James McAvoy.
I rang my mum.
And I said -- And she's like, "What is it?"
And I'm like, "It's like stand-up comedy."
She's like, "Well, you don't do that."
I was like, "Yeah, well, that -- I know.
I know I don't do that."
She's like, "But you're really good at the sad stuff."
And I was like, "Thanks, Mum."
-"Yeah, I'm so happy I called you for advice."
You got to call me next time,
yeah, 'cause I'll pump you up, man.
-Yeah. -I got to ask you.
One of the most famous lines involving you in the show
is "You know nothing, Jon Snow."
Is that the line that people yell to you all the time
on the street or...?
-Yah, and my wife is Rose, so we get doubly yelled at.
You know? -Oh, yeah. That's like --
Exactly. Yeah.
Do people try to sneak it into conversation with you?
"By the way, you know nothing, Jon Snow."
-Yeah, I mean, the worst is my --
Like, 'cause I hate it. I hate it when people say it.
And my brother managed to get it
into the end of my best man's speech.
-[ Laughs ] That's what brothers are for!
-It was quite sweet, actually.
He said, "But looking at the woman you're marrying,
it shows you do know something, Jon Snow."
-Aww. -It's just sweet.
-That actually --
Hey, good on you. Good on you, brother.
[ Cheers and applause ]
I've heard a couple of rumors, and I wondered
if you could maybe dispel these rumors tonight.
Just -- Nothing that major.
I mean, again -- But we'll see.
I was just -- I just heard --
There's a rumor that once -- Not that bad --
That once you went to a costume party dressed as Jon Snow?
-Yeah. Yeah, I did. -Is that true?
-Yeah. Unfortunately, that is true.
How did you hear that?
I -- Yeah.
Well, the theme was -- It was rose's 30th birthday.
And she decided the theme
for the costume party was "bad taste."
So I thought about it.
And I thought, you know, what's worse taste
than going as the character you play in the show you're on?"
-It's actually genius. -It's really bad taste.
So I did, thinking this was really funny.
The trouble was that we had these two girls, you know,
handing out canapés and drinks and things.
And they ha not been told
what the theme of the costume party was.
So they just saw me dressed
as my character from "Game of Thrones."
-They were probably like -- -It's like, "You sad, sad man."
-[ Laughs ] Was it your real costume from the show?
-And I was trying to explain it.
I was like, "No, the theme is 'bad taste.'"
-Oh, wow. Yeah. -Yeah.
-Was it your actual costume from the show?
-No, I just bought it from a costume store.
And they were like -- -Yeah, what were they like?
-They were looking at me like -- -Did they know who you were?
-"Is this where you get your costumes from?"
[ Laughter ]
-I love that. I also heard a rumor that there's a statue.
You have statues.
-Where are you getting all these rumors?
-I've started them on the Internet.
You guys all have statues there.
And I heard that you kept your statue.
-Yeah, I did.
That is, again -- I can affirm your rumor.
Yeah. -You have a statue of yourself?
-Well, we did this thing. This is what you have there.
Yeah, it's the --
We had, like, a scene
where we all come up against our statues.
And they -- And I said, "Can I keep it?"
And they looked at me and said, "Yeah. I guess.
If you want."
-Did anyone else ask for their statue?
-So I made them ship it to my house in England.
It's a full-size statue. It must have cost --
No, no. Sophie and Maisie didn't keep their statues.
So I think this is -- I really have to take a long look
in the mirror and kind of ask --
Or at my statue.
-Do you talk to your statue sometimes when you're lonely?
-I think now, you know --
Everyone keeps asking me how is "Thrones" ending.
And I'm obviously sad about it ending.
And I thought I'd make the statue into a kind of shrine
in my garden that I go and cry in front of and --
-And lay flowers. Yeah. -Yeah. Yeah.
-That's fantastic.
The last rumor that I heard/started on the Internet --
Um, I heard that you can't wink.
-Yeah, I can't wink. -Is that true, though? For real?
-You know, I thought I could wink.
And then -- and then every time I've winked
on a chat show or anything,
my friends and everyone have picked up that I can't wink.
So, no, I don't -- -Do you mind trying it today?
-Well, this is -- Yeah.
-Look into camera three there and just give a good --
Ready? Give a wink. Like, "Hey, how ya doing?"
[ Drum roll ]
-That's a wink, right? -Is that -- Try it again.
[ Laughter ]
Yeah. It's almost -- It's a wink blink.
It's very interesting. It is a wink. But it's also a blink.
Which brings me to my last thing that I wanted to try with you.
There's all these rumors and spoilers from the trailer
that we saw that's already out for the final season.
And I was thinking if I can show a picture
and ask you something about it.
Maybe give me a wink for "yes" and a blink for "no."
[ Laughter ]
All right. Here we go. -Okay.
-Ooh, I remember seeing this.
-Looking down camera? -Yeah.
You can go down to camera three. I saw this. Look at this.
This is the sword hidden in the snow
as the snow drift gets blown away.
Does this mean that you are dead?
[ Applause ]
Then I saw this. Look at this. Flames everywhere.
Destruction. Does this mean everyone dies?
[ Laughter ]
[ Applause ]
Last one. Last one.
And then I'll let you off the hook.
This picture right here. Uh-oh. Wow.
Does Jon Snow get to ride a dragon?!
[ Laughter ] Oh, my God!
Wow! The spoilers! Kit Harington, everybody!


Spoiler Alert! Kit Harington Nods and Winks His Way Through Game of Thrones Rumors

林宜悉 2020 年 7 月 3 日 に公開
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