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-Today is Veterans Day, and we wanted to do something special
to honor all those who have served our country.
So we have an announcement to make.
We here at "The Tonight Show" have chosen to donate
to one of our favorite veterans' charities,
the Fisher House Foundation,
in the amount of $150,000.
[ Cheers and applause ]
The Fisher House -- If you don't know,
the Fisher House provides housing
for families of military and veterans
while their loved one is receiving treatment.
It's a great organization.
We're so proud to give back to them.
But there's one more thing we wanted to mention.
Our friends at the Home Depot Foundation
started a brand-new contest this year called "Operation Surprise"
where people all across the country
get to nominate a U.S. military veteran in need.
And the winner gets $25,000 to go toward critical home repairs.
It's a great thing. And I'm happy to say that the winner
of this year's "Operation Surprise" contest
is here with us tonight.
They're sitting in our audience,
and they have no idea that they have been chosen.
[ Cheers and applause ]
[ People speaking indistinctly ]
-Is Vernita here?
Is Vernita Love here?
[ Audience "aww"s ]
[ Cheers and applause ]
Can you stand up?
[ Cheers and applause ]
Can you stand up?
You can stand up, too.
Vernita Love?
[ Laughing ]
Vernita, I'm so happy.
[ Laughing ]
[ Cheers and applause ]
This is going to get good. This is going to get good.
This is only going to get better.
Vernita -- -My eyelashes --
-[ Laughs ] It's alright.
-I got to make sure my eyelashes --
-Your eyelashes are still on. Yeah, your eyelashes --
Can we make sure her eyelashes are still on?
Vernita, is this your son Aaron? -Yes.
-Aaron is the one who nominated you.
[ Audience "aww"s ]
Aaron, can you tell me a little bit about --
Tell me a little bit about your mom.
-Yeah, my mother, man. She's --
[ Laughter ]
Single mother from the East Side of Detroit, Michigan, man.
She's raised me by herself.
She served 26 years in the Air Force.
[ Cheers and applause ]
She's --
She's -- She's retired.
But at the same time, man,
I don't know anybody more selfless than her.
I mean, she'll give her last to make somebody else good.
I mean, she gives to the homeless vets in our area
and is always constantly trying to do things in the community.
I entered her in the contest because her house is home,
but behind the scenes, man, it's a wreck, man.
The electrical on it is old.
[ Laughter ]
-It's not that bad.
It's a beautiful place.
-But I try to help out. But, I mean, this $25,000
would definitely help out in a long way.
-As the winner, you will be receiving $25,000
for repairs for your home.
And we actually have one more surprise for you.
Although $25,000 would really help, after hearing your story,
the Home Depot Foundation is doubling the prize
in partnership with the --
You'll be receiving $50,000.
[ Cheers and applause ]
Get those eyelashes off!
-Did they fall out? -No, no.
Here, please, have a seat.
I don't want you falling down.
I love you. Have a seat right there.
Enjoy yourself. Aaron, here. Take care -- Yeah,
and make sure those eyelashes don't fall out.
[ Laughter ]
Congratulations to you.
Thank you to the Home Depot Foundation.
Aaron, you're a good son.
-Thank you. -Thank you, buddy.
Thank you to the Home Depot Foundation.
And thank you for your service.
I'm so happy. Stick around.
We'll be right back with more "Tonight Show," everybody.


Jimmy Helps The Home Depot Foundation Surprise an Air Force Veteran with $50K

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