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I like that, Mr Sean.
For inspiration, Mr Sean.
He's from New York.
He's a hustler just like me.
So it is like, Oh, he was going on everybody.
My name is Shane Brown.
I'm a 14 year entrepreneur.
CEOs Burger.
I came up with the names Burgo combining the worst sports and heroes.
And then I added to deal at the end because I'm always on go for goes for the gold Gators no matter what your profession as long as you get up every single day You know that's Burger.
I grew up in nine different homes in 10 different years.
You know, my mom My mom was working hard.
I knew that my family was working hard.
I need to step My game looks so I started a business.
I was hustling in the city and this guy gave me Mr Sean Diddy Combs Number my face times.
Sean Dan answered And Mr Shawn here inspire me.
He showed me like you could do it and Mr Sean put me on Instagram and it made me feel good.
I say my information to affirm a positive lifestyle.
I'm powerful.
I'm strong successful.
E o.
I tell you.
I've been doing Ah, lot of browsing on your social media page, and you were incredible.
I am impressed, and I am inspired.
And I want you to know that we we love what you do.
You are out there, your mail in the stuff.
You're doing pop ups.
You're talking to elementary schools.
You're giving that You do it.
All right, But I'm not just here to pump you up, okay?
I have a little surprise for you.
All right, all of us here, we're gonna help you shoot a social promo for your clothing lines for go.
Using all these positive affirmations that you do.
And guess what?
We're doing it right now, but, you know, it's all about social media.
So we're going to some social promo videos.
I want to start off with some your affirmations.
Give me those affirmations.
Let's hear a powerful, powerful I'm strong, courageous, courageous, from success.
A world traveler in the world traveler and I won't stop and I won't stop.
And I have an impact that it changed in the world.
This is unbelievable, right?
I'm gonna step off, and I want you to do that right to camera.
Hey, was going on our by.
My name is straight Brown.
I'm 1/4 year entrepreneur.
CEO Square.
Let's go.
All right, trained.
I gotta ask you this.
Tell me who is your biggest inspiration.
My biggest inspiration is Mr Sean Diddy Colmes.
Surprise trade.
And I want to say, Mr Sean, Really?
Because when I started, I looked at Mr Sean for inspiration.
Sean, he's from New York.
He's a hustler just like me.
So it's like, Oh, e, I can't leave you way New sports model.
I want to congratulate you just on your hustle.
On making that decision that she was gonna make something with your life.
Everybody doesn't know the story.
This kid would call me every single day.
I don't know how you got my number.
He didn't regular call me neither he would face time.
And I was just blown away by sin acid e bias focused quality of his manufacturing.
You are a prime example off who were going to be given out black excellence entrepreneur grants to and I'm going to say to you congratulations.
And I want to bless you with the first ever black excellence entrepreneur, Grant.
All right.
There you go.
Got you, Mr Show.
Open that up.
Oh, open it up.
You know your way.
You know, just him.
A round of applause, everybody.
You pushed me, Mr Showing You showed me the AC adult.
So now being able to show you you could do it.
That's what you affected, Not people.
Just when you're good.
Now you're affecting globally.
All over the world is people all over the world that are coming from our communities that need a chance, an opportunity.
But you have to go and take it and showing them that you have to take in life into your hands.
You gotta hustle hard.
And I'm proud of you.
I think we can say this is the best news ever, right?
This is Say it.
Right now I want front is his heart stopped stuff.
Shawn saw me and I felt special.
I felt like I felt inspired, and I felt honestly, I felt it.
It's because of him because of what he's done, right?
You I'm feeling it to you, giving me that energy back.
You get me my energy back.
I'm gonna glad that I've been able to inspire you.
And believe me, you inspire me every day.
It was going on there by my name.
Shape Brown.
I'm a 40 year entrepreneurs.
CEOs for Go get it all out, Baby.
Sean just gave me $25,000.
Grant No for spur going on about the user for a five city pop up shop tour.
We bought the growing We bought the bill.
Chauhan has been a mentor and my half two years.
Chauhan has, like, help me with sprayer ago this what I came here to do?
Ghasemi it inspired.
That's why I was sent here to give us hope.
Because, you know, it's hard in the hood.
I had a hope.
And you that hope Now you know we're gonna spread it.
All right.
I love you, boy.
This amazing.
This was the best news ever.


‘Best. News. Ever.’: Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs and Jeannie Surprise Deserving Fan Trey Brown

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