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  • We're back with Kelly Clarkson.

  • I thought we were done, but somehow--

  • You can't get rid of me.

  • No, she felt like there was something else.

  • I will find you.

  • Like that movie.

  • Is that Wedding Crashers?

  • Anyway.

  • No, I was going to leave, and I thought

  • it would be rude of me not to maybe bring something

  • to your audience, because you brought gifts to my audience.

  • I did.

  • You did.


  • And I thought that was very kind.

  • So I actually-- I actually recently became

  • the godmother of a Norwegian cruise line called Encore,

  • and so I called them up and I was like,

  • can I give a cruise away to somebody,

  • like a lucky person in the audience.

  • And I know you're all putting your hands up,

  • but here's the really rad thing.

  • They answered me with, well, why don't you give everybody

  • a seven day cruise?


  • A Cruise?

  • A seven day cruise?

  • They're all getting cruises?

  • It's a seven day cruise.

  • That's crazy.

  • We'll be back.

We're back with Kelly Clarkson.


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エレンの観客はケリー・クラークソンのおかげでバケーションにクルーズ! (Ellen's Audience Cruises to a Vacation, Thanks to Kelly Clarkson!)

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