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  • Here's another fun fact about me.

  • I'm gay Curveball.

  • So I thought I'd do one of my favorite segments.

  • Oh, straight people, straight people.

  • I'm going to read you a real headline about Riel, straight people.

  • And then I'm gonna shake my head and I'm going to say, Oh, straight people.

  • Then I'll do it again until I run out of straight people.

  • Okay, here we go.

  • Here's 1st 1 Camila Cabello says being in love with boyfriend Shawn Mendez is emotionally exhausting.

  • I was straight people.

  • Here's another man had threesome with two ghosts for Kinky Valentine's Day.

  • Paranormal sex.

  • No straight people.

  • Here's the next one.

  • Bodybuilder to Mary Sex Robot.

  • Despite frequent arguments, oh, straight people.

Here's another fun fact about me.


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ショーン・ヘイズが「Oh Straight People」と発言 (Sean Hayes Says ‘Oh Straight People’)

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