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They've got me asparagus and what I wanted to do was like a mixed grill but instead of
it being meat I wanted to do fish. I've got a couple of scallops here and to make the
scallops cook beautifully and look beautiful just do a little crisscross and I've got a
lovely squid here that's already been peeled gutted and a little feather taken out of it
and then just put your knife in here and open it up like a book. Now on the inside let me
show you a little trick. Get your knife at an angle and very gently just score the score
the squid. at an angle and very gently just score the score the squid. It helps the sauce
or juice stick to it. Put some olive oil in the pan, a couple of
tablespoons there. Now you don't have to do this but if you've
ever got any herbs in the garden, rosemary is great, oregano is great that will flavour
the oil straight away. Salt bit of pepper.
Sea bass skin side down and then the red mullet can go next we're talking about three minutes
start to finish here the old legs straight in there
we get rid of this oregano now scallops go in scored side down get the old squid scored
side down. So at this point in the game we can get our lovely asparagus this has
been washed already so there's a little bit of moisture in there. Just try and toss them
around in that oil a little bit. Let's have a look at what's going on just very gently
turn the fish overlook at that colour beautiful. Literally all we need is another forty seconds
on that turn over that seabass legs can go on top of the fish because you don't want
to over cook it lets put the scallops on here as well don't want to over cook the scallops
fish needs a bit more squid can go on here as well. Going to put that back on.
What I want to do now is over get some nice fennel and then some thyme give it a nice
little shake-up while that's doing that -chilli, get that sliced up after chilli can go in
That's it. Done. All I've got to do is plate it up. The skins crispy beautiful bit of mullet
have a scallop. A few of those legs. The pans been of the heat for about thirty seconds,
just squeeze some lemon juice in here. Just give it a little shake and that mixes
up with the oil straight away it's like dressing a salad. At this point I can put a nice wodge
of these fantastic asparagus over there. Now this squid just cut it into little strips.
Put some of that on and then all I do now is just that little bit of natural juice on
the bottom of the pan just pour around the fish. And then just to finish it some nice
fennel. There you go the most beautiful asparagus
and fish mixed grill.


Asparagus & Mixed Fish Grill | Jamie Oliver

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