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I think a lot of people at home right
now are going to be cheered up by seeing our first guest.
Please welcome Jason Momoa.
Hi, everyone.
Hi, Ellen.
That's Andy in the background clapping.
He's outside.
I don't let him in.
What's up, Andy.
What's up, brother.
How are you doing, man?
How are you doing?
It feels like to me you're the one guy that
would be prepared to be quarantined
because you have a funhouse.
You have so many things going on there.
I do, yeah.
We've had a really nice time.
I rarely get to be home so it's pretty special.
And there's a lot of things.
We've got skateboard ramps, and climbing walls,
and throwing tomahawks, and shooting bow and arrow.
And so we have a little bit of space.
I feel very thankful.
It's nice being home.
I'm never home.
Yeah, I bet.
I bet you're always working.
Where are you right now?
What room are you in?
I'm in my man cave-- one of the man caves.
[LAUGHS] This is motorcycles, and guitars,
and [BLEEP] like that .
Stuff like that, I mean.
You know.
Yeah, I didn't want to judge your living room if that's what
your living room looks like.
I didn't want to--
Yeah, this is definitely not my--
Just checking.
--it's just the man cave.
Yeah, all right.
There's all kinds of things hanging back there.
It's like you're a crafts person, like you could make
all kinds of things back there.
What are those things hanging up?
Well, those are-- well the paint,
that's the paintings I did with my daughter
when she was really young.
So there's a lot of paintings and art books.
And then, the things hanging are probably things from movies,
I got some souvenirs.
I don't know I'm supposed to show it on TV, but maybe.
Are they boobies?
You know, that's from Game of Thrones.
I'm sure you all remember that.
Sure, yeah.
Is that a knife?
Are you wearing a knife on your belt right now?
No, no, no, no.
It's just a holster.
I took the knife out because you're not supposed
to have knives on show.
You just have a holster for a knife
just in case you want to walk around at night?
I took it out because I was playing with the babies
so I have it on my pants.
We just finished rock climbing.
I'm going to start carrying a knife.
Yeah, Andy, you should not carry a knife.
You can barely hold a pen.
So Jason, how old are your kids?
They're what, 12?
How old are they?
11 and 12.
Yeah, Lola's 12, Wolf's 11.
How are they dealing with this?
I know you said there's a lot of stuff for them to do there.
But so many kids are missing their friends.
How are they doing?
The kids are doing really well.
You know, everyone's kind of in virtual school.
My son Wolf was already being homeschooled anyway
so it was easy for him.
And then, they have time to check in with their friends.
But I think they're really loving it.
They're loving having been home and we're having a great time.
And we're just getting around like everybody else is.
But thank God they have their teachers-- and much respect--
because it's kind of [WHISTLES] for me.
They don't go to me for any--
I'm like the PE coach, you know what I mean?
Like, get your ass outside want to go rock climb, skateboard?
But that's about it.
Well, they need PE, so at least they have you for that.
So let's look at this meme that's
going around with reminding people to wash their hands.
You've seen this, I assume.
Yes, yes.
I never thought I would be the candidate to promoting
washing themselves.
But I'm pretty stoked about that.
So I'm glad how it worked out.
Well, it's pretty much a compliment, yeah, for people
to wash their hands like they're washing you.
Very good physique.
Yeah, he does.
He has a very good physique, Andy.
And yet, I've heard that you don't like to work out.
No, no, no.
I mean, I like doing the things I love to do.
But I mean, right now I've been doing
a lot of just taking it easy on the eating
because I'm a big fan of food.
And I can't really get all the things
I like so I've just been walking around my bike
and just trying to thin out a little bit.
I've been getting a little heavy.
Andy, do you have any exercises for him to do?
I like a good, slow walk.
And sometimes I'll put on two-pound wrist weights
to just add a little weight.
It's a good workout.
OK Jason, that should do it.
Two-pound weights on the hands, I got it.
I'm going to do that.
Thank you, Andy.
They get heavy after a few minutes.
It gets heavy, you'd be surprised.
Yeah, I think he would be surprised.
All right, so let's talk about the last time
you were on the show.
You were Elvis.
It was Halloween, we should explain that.
You didn't just come as Elvis.
And you were so fantastic and you got so into it.
And you looked so good.
And then I heard that you left, and Clint Eastwood's office
is right next to our studio, and you
ran into Clint Eastwood dressed as Elvis.
Yeah, and I freaked out and I ran over to him.
And then I was yelling at my kids to come over.
They have no idea who Clint Eastwood is.
But I was just totally like, get over here, get over.
And they're just like, I don't know who this old man is.
And I just was really, really happy
coming down off of being on your show.
And I probably looked like a psycho.
But he was-- it could have went bad.
He was really, really kind and he let us take a family photo.
And Clint was-- he's everything I wanted him to be.
So I can't help but to fanboy.
But it's Clint Eastwood.
Yeah, he's a great guy.
He's going to put you in a movie.
That's what I'm assuming-- that just running into him
would give him an idea to put you in a movie.
Hope, hope, you know I mean?
Although, I think you should do-- the next thing you should
do is a comedy because I don't think people
got to see that you're funny.
And then with the Super Bowl commercial that you did,
you got to show your humor.
We both got to be in the Super Bowl with both of our partners,
Yes, exactly.
That was very cool.
And another cool thing that you're in,
Ozzy Osbourne's newest music video.
And I know that you're a huge fan.
Massive, massive Black Sabbath fan.
So I got that.
It's pretty cool because I was supposed to--
I wanted to go to their last concert in Birmingham
and I had tickets.
And a friend got me hooked up through Sharon.
And then, our dog passed and I flew home from London
and I missed their last Sabbath show.
Obviously, I wanted to be there for my family.
And then-- it's just a bummer.
And then, they gave me a call and she just
remembered that I was a big fan.
Sharon called me and asked if I would help out Ozzy and do,
like, a little promo.
And I was just like, are you kidding me?
To be-- I never would ever dream that up.
So I was like, hell yeah.
I'll do whatever you want, Ozzy.
It was very fun.
Very cool.
What was the last Black Sabbath--
I know you were a big Black Sabbath concert goer--
when was the last time you saw them live?
The last live tour?
Yeah, with Ozzy.
What was the name of the last tour, Jason?
I don't know, but it was about two years ago.
It was about two years ago, I think.
Yeah, that was two years ago, Andy.
I forget the name of it also.
I just remember because you had the black nail polish.
Right, right, exactly.
All right, we're going to take a quick break.
And then, we're going to come back
and we're going to talk a little bit more
with Jason and about his water, which I'm very excited about.
And everyone else should be, too.
We'll be right back.
You have a new movie coming out this year called Dune.
Which, first of all, tell me about it.
But I hear that it was shot in Jordan in a very cool location.
Yeah, we got to shoot in Wadi Rum, which was--
I've never seen anything like it.
It was like shooting on another planet.
And Denis Villeneuve is shooting it who did Sicario and Arrival.
It was an honor to do that with him.
And it's a pretty stellar cast.
I've never been a part of something so big.
You know, there is a book by Frank Herbert that did it.
Dune was made, I want to say, maybe in the '80s.
And it's a retelling of that.
And I get to play this character named Duncan Idaho, who's
kind of a master swordsman, who's
made a right-hand man to Duke Leto, who is Oscar Isaac.
And he's kind of a very--
he's the first person to land and who's
sent out to land on Dune.
And that's when I meet the character
that Javier Bardem plays.
Which, I can't believe I had a scene with Javier Bardem.
And then, it's him and Timothée Chalamet,
Josh Brolin and Rebecca Ferguson,
and Stellan Skarsgard.
It's a pretty massive film and I got to be this little--
he's kind of the Han Solo-esque of the group.
He's kind of the rogue warrior who protects Timothée Chalamet,
and he serves Oscar Isaac.
What a great cast.
Oh my God.
Everybody-- unbelievable.
And that comes out in December, right?
Yeah, comes out in December.
I've never got to work with that kind of talent before,
so it was pretty scary.
I was a little on my first day of work.
I'm not usually hired to be the guy that
does all the exposition and does all the sci-fi jargon,
but I was the guy.
And I got Javier and Brolin, and Oscar and Timothée,
and I was super nervous, man.
And it's like one of the key scenes in it,
so I'm excited for everybody to see it.
It's always good to get nervous.
It's always good to still get excited to do something new.
All right, speaking of--
I'm excited, this is a very cool thing--
and especially the timing right now.
Tell everybody about your water.
Well, we've been doing our water for Mananalu,
which is we're trying to stop the plastic pollution.
And so we're just giving an alternative for people.
And so we're getting it into stores.
We've been working a lot with Walmart.
So we'll be having it in your hometowns pretty soon.
Obviously, after the coronavirus everyone's
just calling me down right now.
So we're taking a lot of our supplies
and we're donating to a lot of places that need it.
So we're donating 20,000 cans to the Navajo and Hopi families
because there's a lot of places that are just not having
clean water, and wanting to be able to get it
to first responders.
And so, wanting to work with you and be able to spread and get
some of our donations out there is the most important.
Very cool, very cool.
All right, well, to learn more about Jason's water,
go to our website.
Jason, thanks for taking the time to talk to me.
And I will see you soon.
Stay safe, and my love to the family.
I love you.
Thank you for having me.
Love you too, love you too.
Hi, I'm Andy.
Ellen asked me to remind you to subscribe to her channel
so you can see more awesome videos,
like videos of me getting scared or saying embarrassing things
like ball peen hammer.
And also, some videos of Ellen and other celebrities,
if you're into that sort of thing.
God [BLEEP].


Jason Momoa Has Become a P.E. Teacher at Home

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