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In last week's lesson, Ona and Marcia talked about shopping and making dinner.
They used several compound downs.
It helps English learners toe learn the stress or intonation of these now owns.
Notice the stress pattern in the compound noun shopping list.
Hi, Ana.
Do you have the shopping list?
We can write it like this to show the first sound is a little louder shopping list.
Some food names are compound noun or announce that have two or more words.
Let me see.
You bought a bunch of bananas, a box of pancake mix, a bag of coffee on a This is all wrong.
What do you mean wrong?
I bought a jar of peanut butter and a loaf of bread.
No, wait.
Two loaves of bread.
Now you try it.
Say these compound knowns and put more stress on the first part of the first word pancake.
Mix peanut butter in this lesson on a put some words together to talk about her dinner.
You may breakfast.
Yes, I call it Let's eat breakfast for dinner, dinner in writing, we can use hyphens to connect the words that modify a noun in this sentence.
The two words that get extra stress, our breakfast and the second dinner.
We can write it like this.
Yes, I call it Let's Eat Breakfast for dinner.
The stress pattern shows that these are the two most important words of the compound down.
Now you try it.
Say this sentence with a compound known.
I used my credit card to buy everything on my shopping list.
Then I got an ice cream cone.


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