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  • Great Sand Dunes National Park there is hidden in the Colorado Rockies, a great valley called San Louise.

  • On this valley's eastern edge, glowing in an aura of mystery lies great.

  • Sand Dunes National Park.

  • This park and preserve in Colorado features diverse lakes, mountains, grasslands and, of course, dunes, the tallest in North America.

  • Here, lofty peaks swoop down into the folds of mammoth dues at the foot of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, winds over tens of centuries winds, air blasting, scooping and molding these billions and trillions of tiny grains into dunes.

  • Nature's sand castles winds at tug, a war howling with invisible force dunes, gentle and dunes, lethal dunes that avalanche watch closely dunes moving dunes growing each century or year or day.

  • These vast heaps of Sander transformed, giving palpable shape to the unfettered winds.

  • Velocity phases of life from the sun's illusionary arching over the earth are reflected in changes of color from ancient riverbeds.

  • Prevailing winds carry sand and seemingly unstoppable eastward gusts, but the formidable Sangre de Cristo Mountains blocked them at different times.

  • A modest creek flows through the dunes, keeping the sand from clogging the mountain passes.

  • Though protected by windbreak mountains.

  • Thes dunes are desert high.

  • Cold desert temperatures fluctuate promiscuously from summer's heat wave highs.

  • Winter's sub zero lows.

  • First, the dunes of your lifeless in the sand out of the sun's glare.

  • You discover tracks, birds or insects.

  • Animals, human beings.

  • Even though the dunes are barren, park itself is rich with life.

  • This is one of the most diverse of all U.

  • S national parts.

  • Where there is for it.

  • Rocky Mountain Bighorn sheep range.

  • Nearby flocks of migrating birds frequent the marshy saline lakes.

  • Herds of mule deer flank the dunes, as does a large insect, which is on the hunt circus beetle, so named because it is known to stand on its head.

  • Hikers to make tracks along with rugged four wheel drive vehicles pouring into the dense Sangre de Cristos, the mountain summits rising over 14,000 feet.

  • Sheltering wildflower meadows, alpine forests and tumbling stream, these mountains are an integral part of the Rocky Mountain range.

  • Human beings are dwarfed by this towering sand scape and sometimes overwhelmed by it.

  • But to many visitors, sand triggers the urge to play, to leap off the crest of a dune to be a kid again, way continue to protect them.

Great Sand Dunes National Park there is hidden in the Colorado Rockies, a great valley called San Louise.


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大砂丘国立公園 (Great Sand Dunes National Park)

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