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  • this is everyday grammar.

  • I'm Macia and I'm coming comedy.

  • What is today's topic?

  • Um, I guess today's topic is verbs.

  • I think that works.

  • And what about uncertainty, showing that you're not sure about something?

  • Sure, I guess that works now.

  • Clauses are groups of words that act as a noun.

  • They often begin with that or word beginning with W h, such as where, when, Why or what?

  • I guess today's topic is verbs.

  • But those examples didn't use the word that, as in, I guess, that today's topic is verbs.

  • That's true.

  • You can use the words of that.

  • But English speakers often leave out this word in everyday conversation.

  • What about the uncertainty part?

  • I think I'm getting interested in this topic.

  • To show uncertainty.

  • Americans use the common uncertainty verbs think, believe and guess before now clauses, the noun clauses presents idea, and the verb shows uncertainty.

  • I guess I did well on the test.

  • I believe the game is today.

  • Can you give me some or examples?

  • I believe you know a lot about this.

  • Sure, here are some more examples.

  • I think the bank is open today.

this is everyday grammar.


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毎日の文法:自信がないことを示す方法 (Everyday Grammar: How to Show You are Not Sure)

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