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  • this is everyday grammar.

  • I'm Macia and I'm Kavi.

  • Today we are talking about Port Mentos, which are large trunks or suitcases typically made of stiff leather.

  • Oh, wait, that's the wrong definition of Port.

  • Aumento is a word that combines the meaning and sounds of two words, like motel, motor and hotel or brunch, breakfast and lunch.

  • Surprisingly, there a lot of Port Mentos in the English language really like mo bids understood to be from motor and pedal.

  • I didn't know that.

  • What else?

  • Hassle Get out of town?

  • No, seriously, This word meaning to pester probably is a combination of haggle and tussle.

  • That's ridiculous.

  • Wait, there's more.

  • Biopic is a combination of biography and picture.

  • I'm dumbfounded.

  • Hey, that's a portmanteau!

  • A combo of dumb and confounded.

  • Here's a list of common Put Mentos cool.

  • Thanks for the Hub, the one the heads up.

this is everyday grammar.


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毎日の文法:ポートマンテウス (Everyday Grammar: Portmanteaus)

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