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  • What is America?

  • America is islands.

  • Thousands of violence islands on Cade's.

  • Some are cold and barren, like the islands of Alaska.

  • A few, like the island of Manhattan, are super charged with urban splendor and urban stress.

  • Others are the islands of our fantasy.

  • Our special islands, our paradise on Earth Biscayne National Park Biscayne National Park, anchored in the Florida Keys just 30 miles from bustling downtown Miami.

  • But light years away in Bountiful place, raced with a garland of small islands.

  • Most all of the park's 200 plus square miles are covered by water.

  • This is one of the largest marine parks in the national parks.

  • On the base shoreline row forests of spidery mangroves giving sanctuary to thousands upon thousands of coastal birds.

  • But there's more to birdwatching to delight the park visitor don't sell Visitor center.

  • A convoy point is launching point for many excursions off the mainland.

  • There is scuba diving.

  • Miss Caine's Coral Reefs offers some of the best underwater exploring in the entire United States or explore the deeps while keeping comfortably dry on a glass bottom boat, Right, they're sail boating and excursion voting.

  • Tow offshore keys, including Boca, Chita Key, a popular destination includes a 65 foot ornamental lighthouse, Miss Caine's de facto symbol.

  • But by far canoeing is the park's prevailing activity.

  • There are new rentals, new instruction, guided canoe trips, a new solo and a new social.

  • These inviting waters sky blue awkward, were once opaque by blood slick.

  • These were pirate infested waters, English see dogs likes of black beard and Captain Kidd lying in ambush or square rig Spanish galleons laden with treasure.

  • Today, those park visitors seeking treasure conjoined, a guided tour of the sunken wrecks, the real treasures of this game.

  • Vivid coral reefs, thickets of mangrove aerial ballets of seabirds.

  • These are for everyone, no.

What is America?


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ビスケーン諸島国立公園 (Biscayne Islands National Park)

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