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this is everyday grammar.
I'm kami and before you say anything, I think we should do another words that aren't really words but our words episode Okay, I'm a feel.
Since we already did a similar episode, Can we just skip the intra part and go straight into explaining words that English speakers often use?
Sure, we can.
Let's start with funder.
Many people incorrectly add the comparative e r.
Ending to the adjective fund in English.
One syllable adjectives usually end an e r when used in comparatives like small, smaller, high, higher but not fun.
The correct form is more fun impactful.
Many people still dislike this word and prefer using impacted, which means the same thing with strong effect.
So think twice before you want to make an impact full.
I mean imp active statement factoid.
Here's a fact many people misuse the word fact toys.
Ah, factoid is false information presented as fact, but so many people have misused the word that the incorrect meaning is starting to become accepted as true.
So today, let's stick with the original meaning firstly, and lastly, we have, firstly on adverb used to introduce a first point or reason the problem with firstly is that for a long time it wasn't considered a proper word.
But the misuse of the word first you can use firstly, but we advise against it, especially in writing.


Everyday Grammar: Words That Are Not Words, But Are Words Part 2

林宜悉 2020 年 7 月 3 日 に公開
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