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  • breakfast.

  • Breakfast.

  • Breakfast is the first meal of the day.

  • Cabinet.

  • Cabinet.

  • A Cabinet is a piece of furniture that is used for storing things and usually has doors and shelves dry.

  • Dry dry means having no or very little water or liquid.

  • Eg eg.

  • An egg is, ah, hard shelled oval thing from which a young bird is born.

  • Flower flower flower is powder made from a grain, especially wheat, that is used in cooking for making bread or cakes inside.

  • Inside.

  • Inside means in or into the inner part of something or someone.

  • Recipe recipe.

  • A recipe is a set of instructions for making food.

  • Refrigerator REFRIGERATOR A refrigerator is a device or room that is used to keep things such as food and drinks.

  • Cold sink sink A sink is a wide bull that has a faucet for water and a drain at the bottom and is usually positioned in a counter paste.

  • Taste to taste means to have a particular flavor trust.

  • Trust.

  • To trust means to believe that someone or something is reliable, good, honest or effective.

  • Under under under means in or to a lower place than something propositions of location.

  • So where something is in relation to something else.

  • In this lesson, you hear Ana and Marcia using the propositions in and inside.

  • I just need a couple of ingredients.

  • Marcia, please hand me the flower.

  • Ana, where is the flower?

  • It's not in the cabinets.

  • I put the flower inside the refrigerator in and inside have almost the same meaning inside means with fins.

  • Something under means below something.

  • You can use more than one proposition to tell where something is.

  • For example, Ana tells Marcia that the eggs are inside a cabinet that is under the sink.

  • The eggs are inside the cabinet under the sink.

  • Now you try it.

  • Answer the question.

  • Where are the bananas?

  • The bananas are on the pancakes where the bananas.

  • Now the bananas are on the pancakes under the whipped cream.



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