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my name is to in Dash on May conform Bangladesh.
I left my country In instances you're shown on Duh.
I came.
Uh, not far only security.
I came far If you don't putting up with spare phone putting up with Id'ing Onda Freedom for living or survive I think, uh, a lot of bad things happening in our country.
De Onda already 16 righted like jars murdered by the extreme it So I am writing that novel about my social structure upcountry, basically Islamization of country.
So that is, I think, dangerous issue in the middle of a dedicated our interest to Shin changed by military dictator on the Bangladesh or the secular country.
And secularism was the one main point off for construction on his changed their English Islamic and Didi I wrote finished or crimes?
Some or criminals.
Inorganic kitty.
And there is still no country on that.
They are doing their job.
They never condemned.
So for that way wrote organised them.
I know they're local collaborators apprenticing with you on right now in our country on there are a lot of their supporters.
So when we wrote admission them on, uh, this supporter sometimes on online are personally intended us.
When I first came How I got a cultural shock Right now I am feeling safe.
Well, I am writing freely.
I am writing in Nob Hill about my, uh, trophyless tech start up on today It is It is a language barrier is the problems.
But I'm learning I missed my family.
I'm one sewn up my parents I miss my parents on guy I had an appeal in my country.
Hey lived with me from two years or after I joined Get up his bag Literary society I learned from from them American culture under English also I did in my country Onda completely Mostar's on added also in English.
But I think our Palencia shown is different, becoming her every day.
I am learning also.
I love my country.
Onda had also my family, my parents and my nipple on my six stars On a lot off friends, I think Ah, that's his version of my country will be a good on Duh.
I will come back.
My country, I hope.


Tuhin Das: Poet, Activist and Writer in Exile

林宜悉 2020 年 7 月 3 日 に公開
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