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we're in punks Itani, Pennsylvania in the United States To give you a little idea of what we do here.
In case you don't know, Uh, about 7 26 we're going to pull punks a Tony fill the world's most famous ground hog out of his stump, and he will either see his shadow or he won't if he sees his shadow, it's six more weeks of winter.
And if he doesn't, it's an early spring.
My name's Fred, fleshy from New Jersey, Sussex County.
And we're here for my 50th birthday.
I mean, Laino and I'm from Greenville, Pennsylvania.
And this is my first time to cobblers and the for the ground house stay.
And this is my 60th birthday.
It's the first time I just wanted to be here and, you know, bucket list, you know, So Christmas present pumps Itani is on my bucket list because I've talked about it for probably 20 years.
We come to Ground Hog Day every year.
I'm originally from Hans Itani thing, and we're here to support our heritage of the ground Hog Day to see whether we're gonna have six more weeks of winter or we're gonna have an early spring.
My own feeling about ground hog day of why I feel it's such a special event is it's not religious.
It's not political.
It's all about having fun.
It's just the outing, the fireworks, the camaraderie of the people, the atmosphere.
It doesn't get a bed in this.
I think I think it brings a community together.
It gets people get excited.
Generally speaking, ground Hog Day is something that for a very long time has brought communities together.
It's a chance for everyone to come together in the middle of winter and have a good time.
This is where it originated.
Box it, Tony.
This is it.
I'm hoping for an early spring.
No shadow.
I think there's gonna be six more weeks of winter.
Um, I'm afraid he's probably going to see a shadow today.
Well, he better look.
And if he doesn't, and he's gonna have to look harder, raise your hands in the air and scream with a ladies and gentlemen punks Tony way got Ladies and gentlemen, he has made his protection.
Hear ye, Hear ye, Hear ye!
Now, this second day of February, 2017 the 131st annual track of the folks of Tony Ground Club before one of the largest crowds in the history of ground on day.
My faithful followers, I clearly see a perfect clear shadow of me.


Groundhog Day 2017: Punxsutawney Phil Predicts Six More Weeks of Winter

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