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  • and from I'm from Nigeria.

  • A bustling morning starts at the Parkview Gardens Apartments in Riverdale, Maryland.

  • More than half the 600 apartments in this sprawling complex are rented by refugees who have fled war, conflict and persecution around the world.

  • Xabi Mullah Zakir came from Afghanistan with his wife last year.

  • The security situation of Afghanistan, it's not too good, especially for like as they worked like the United States are what they are doing or those which they work with.

  • US.

  • Soldiers know our life was in danger and we apply for S I B and then we can get.

  • Zakir now works in shipping at a printing company.

  • Mon ASHA Wani is from Iraq.

  • He and his family spent 10 years in a Jordanian refugee camp before US entry visas were granted.

  • Because my country no good, you see the my Country Isis, the Mideast year.

  • All which so much problem.

  • He arrived in Parkview Gardens four years ago with the help of a refugee resettlement agency, but never codes me to look for a reason not to help them.

  • David men Dick manages Parkview Gardens 30 years ago, Ah humanitarian group, which works with the U.

  • S government asked him to help find homes for people fleeing conflict or persecution when they came to me back then.

  • And ever since, they've tried to house them other places, and I've tried to help them on encourage of the landlords to house refugees.

  • But nobody has ever been willing to do it, so we've continued to do it.

  • Medics help extends further, giving some refugees jobs.

  • They bring so much your company, so much diversity and so much talent on.

  • In fact, now the upper management in this company is primarily refugee property managers.

  • Emmy Shove You is one of them escaping from the war in Kosovo 18 years ago.

  • When they first come, they all seemed lost.

  • For me, it's very easy to say.

  • Well, you know what?

  • Please do feel comfortable because I was in your shoes, you know?

  • So I understand where you're going through where I am from where I'm from.

  • Refugee residents can take free English classes in the unit.

  • Parkview Gardens donates to charity groups It is not uncommon to hear a beat of ethnic music blowing from idling vehicles.

  • Well, I love it, Sharif Ali Shafi is a US born citizen living in Parkview Gardens.

  • I get to see all these different people.

  • It's a shame to be they had to come here in the way that they came.

  • But it's I think it's beautiful.

  • When you see them walking around and all the colors and the language and the smell of the food and different apartments, I see the little kids playing I think is great.

  • No matter the challenges, most of the refugees here are optimistic.

  • Mukti Raj Corroon was born in Bhutan and spent nearly 20 years in a refugee camp in Nepal.

  • This country gave a lot to us and then like a now I'm exploring a new every news two off live my new life and my whole small family to to get into the ministry mawf this country contributing from my level best for producer June.

and from I'm from Nigeria.


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