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  • Welcome to video of Okay by business English pod dot com Video vocab For basic legal terms Today we're going to look at the vocabulary related to the law.

  • This will be a three part series.

  • Part one will deal with the basic terms about the law.

  • Part two will look at what happens in a court case, and Part three will look at the vocabulary related to commercial law after each term.

  • We will also provide some of the common core locations or word partnerships.

  • Associate ID with the word Let's start off by looking at a definition of what law is from the English Wikipedia.

  • A Wikipedia is an online encyclopedia made up of contributions from many different people.

  • So, according to the Wiki Law, as a system of rules that people are supposed to follow in a society or country, the courts and police enforce this system of rules and punish people who break the laws.

  • Such is by making them pay a fine or other penalty, such as sending them to jail.

  • Okay, so that's a brief explanation of the law.

  • Now let's look at some common word partnerships containing law Law can be combined with an adjective, for example, civil law and criminal law, which will look at next.

  • It can be combined with a verb, as in break the law, which means to do something that is not legal or commit a crime.

  • Enforce the law, meaning to make sure the law is not broken, become law or pass law.

  • These air used to refer to when a new law is created by a government.

  • Civil law is the part of law that deals with disagreements between private individuals rather than crimes.

  • In many countries, civil laws come from two different sources.

  • One legislation these air laws created by the government of a country and to common law.

  • These air laws that have come into being over a long period of time and are based on previous legal decisions.

  • Civil law is also influenced by local traditions, religious beliefs and culture.

  • Criminal law.

  • Criminal law is a system of law concerned with crimes and the punishment of criminals.

  • Criminals are people who commit crimes.

  • Most criminal law is based on government legislation.

  • Other types of law include contract law contract law sets rules on agreements to buy and sell items and services, property law property law states the rights and obligations that a person has when they buy, sell or rent homes and buildings.

  • Trust Law Trust law sets out the rules for money that is put into an investment, such as pension funds that people save up for their retirement toward law.

  • Tort law helps people to make claims for compensation when someone hurts them or damages their property.

  • Constitutional law Constitutional law is used to create laws on how different levels of governments can act and on human rights.

  • Administrative law administrative law is used by ordinary citizens who want to challenge decisions made by governments.

  • International law International law is used to set out the rules on how countries connect in areas such as trade, the environment or military action.

  • The Geneva Conventions on the conduct of war are an example of international law.

  • If people have a problem with the law or they need to take legal action against somebody or a company, they will usually need the help of a lawyer.

  • A lawyer is someone who has studied law and has a special qualification to represent people in court or in other legal actions.

  • There are many different types of lawyer, and they have different names in British and American English.

  • Here are some of the common ones.

  • Attorney.

  • This is the word Americans used to describe a lawyer and in British English.

  • We usually call them a solicitor.

  • If the lawyer is appearing in court, they're called a council in the U.

  • S.

  • And M Barrister in the UK You can tell if a lawyer is embarrassed, ER, because they wear a traditional costume of a black gown and a white curly wig, as you can see in the picture.

  • In criminal law, a lawyer either represents the defense or the prosecution.

  • The defense is the lawyer that is defending against the case by trying to prove that the defendant is not guilty of the charges.

  • The prosecution is the lawyer who represents the government side and is seeking to prove that the defendant is guilty.

  • A case is a situation that involves a particular person or thing.

  • In the context of today's topic, a case is a legal action that will be decided in a court of law.

  • It is also used to describe the facts that support one side of an argument or illegal dispute.

  • Co locations with case related to the law include a court case, a criminal case, a civil case.

  • We can bring a case against somebody.

  • Defend a case the court will consider a case or hear a case.

  • A lawyer can handle a case or prosecute a case at the end of the court case.

  • We might dismiss the case, settle the case or drop the case, and that closes this case.

  • Now.

  • Practice your new vocabulary and download a transcript for this video cast at www dot business english pod dot com.

Welcome to video of Okay by business English pod dot com Video vocab For basic legal terms Today we're going to look at the vocabulary related to the law.


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