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you're watching video vocab by business English part dot com sales is one of the keys to business success.
We often hear the word sales combined with other words, such as quota commission and territory.
These ideas are all related to the work of a sales person who may be focused on business to consumer sales or on business to business sales, which we often refer to as B to C and B two b.
A sales person needs to manage various accounts and become skilled in customer relationship management.
This involves building relationships with vendors who may be involved in the wholesale trade or retail sales sales.
Colic ations sales quota.
A sales quota is the amount a sales rep is supposed to sell in a given period of time Sales commission.
A sales commission is the percentage of the income from a sale That the rep is paid.
Sales territory and a sales territory is the geographic area where a sales rep does his work.
Tom needs to put in extra hours if he wants to meet his sales quota by the end of the month.
B two c Business to consumer B two c is business to consumer sales.
This means that the company sells directly to the end user or customer.
Amazon dot com is a classic example of a B two c company.
The Internet has been a great help to B two C companies who can now connect directly with customers.
B two b Business to Business B two b means business to business sales.
In this case, the customer is not an individual consumer, but another company that needs a product or service.
Boeing is a good example of a B two B company in B to B companies sales people often have to persuade a group of buyers to purchase a product or service account account.
A sales account is a customer or company that regularly buys your products or services.
We put our most senior sales reps on our largest accounts.
C R M customer relationship management, Customer relationship management, or CRM, is a system of managing the company's interactions with customers.
This may involve tracking communications, customer needs and buying history.
With an effective CRM system, we have achieved a 14% improvement in customer satisfaction.
Vendor vendor, A vendor is a person or company that supplies a product or service car manufacturers by from a great variety of different vendors who supply all the different components of a vehicle.
Wholesale Wholesale, a wholesale company, sells large quantities of goods to other companies, who then sell the goods on in smaller quantities to end users.
Wholesale food prices fell last month due to increased competition among growers.
Retail Retail, a retail company, sells goods directly to the end user or individual customer.
A retail sales person deals directly with customers.
When oil prices change, the retail cost of gas is affected very quickly.
Now it's your turn to practice some of the words we've looked at in this lesson.
In a moment you'll hear a series of sentences with the word replaced with a beep.
Repeat each sentence, including the missing word.
For example, if you hear the company is expanding into new markets, so we plan to double the size of our sales, you can say the company is expanding into new markets, so we plan to double the size of our sales force.
We'll play the correct answer after each question ready?
Let's give it a go.
After closing that last sale, I've exceeded my sales by 20% already answer.
After closing that last sale, I've exceeded my sales quota by 20% already.
The the key to a smooth sales process is a good customer management program.
The key to a smooth sales process is a good customer relationship management program to ensure compliance with government guidelines.
All must be pre qualified answer.
To ensure compliance with government guidelines, all vendors must be pre qualified.
That's all for this episode of video vocab.
Be sure to check out our website at www dot video vocab dot tv for more videos on business.
English vocabulary Thanks for watching and see you again soon.


English Vocabulary for Sales VV 36 - Sales Management (Lesson 2) | Business English Vocabulary

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