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In this lesson, we'll learn how stocks trade at a certain level, how they close at the end of the day and how investors bid on shares.
This may involve strategies such as short selling and flash trading.
We will also cover ideas such as bear markets and bull markets, and find out what a blue chip stock is to trade at to trade at each stock trades at a specific price, which is what you pay to buy each share.
A stock will trade at different prices, depending on supply and demand.
Sutter Gold is currently trading at $130 per share, but that price is expected to drop to close to close.
Stock prices continually change, but at the end of the trading day, they close at a specific price.
Closing prices are often used to track how a stock changes over time.
Gator Industry's share price climbed from $9 to $13 by noon, but eventually closed at $11 bid bid.
A bid is an offer made by an investor or broker to buy shares.
I called my brokerage to place a bid for 1000 shares of Yahoo at $35.50 short.
Selling short selling short selling is when an investor tries to make money on a stock that he thinks will go down.
To do this, he borrows shares, sells them and then buys them back at the lower price.
Short selling is a risky strategy.
Because of a stock price actually rises, the investor might lose money.
Flash trading flash trading.
Flash trading involves using very fast computers to analyze stock trades and automatically sell or buy shares based on very small fluctuations in price.
Many people believe that flash trading gives certain trader's unfair advantages and influence bear market Bear market A bear market is a general decrease in stock prices over more than two months.
Bear markets usually happen because investors lose confidence, become nervous and sell stocks.
Many analysts are saying that the recent downturn may signal a coming bear market bull market bull market.
In a bull market, stock prices are rising, which indicates a strong economy.
Bull markets come with investor confidence and an increase in buying activity.
My financial advisor has warned me that the bull market will end soon and to be cautious.
Blue chip blue chip Considered a safe investment.
A blue chip stock is the stock of a large and stable company.
Popular American blue chip companies include McDonalds, Wal Mart and Coca Cola.
Half of my stock investments are in blue chip companies, while the other half is in new tech companies.
Now it's your turn to practice some of the words we've looked at in this lesson.
In a moment you'll hear a series of sentences with the word replaced with the beat.
Repeat each sentence, including the missing word.
For example, if you here I am going to call my and ask him to sell my shares in Apple, you can say, I'm going to call my stockbroker and ask him to sell my shares in Apple.
We'll play the correct answer After each question ready, Let's give it a go A to the end of the trading day.
Google stock at $525.
At the end of the trading day, Google's stock closed at $525.
The recent economic problems haven't affected Blue Cos too much answer.
The recent economic problems haven't affected blue chip companies.
Too much stock prices are expected to drop as we enter a strong market answer.
Stock prices are expected to drop as we enter a strong bear market.
That's all for this episode of video vocab.
Be sure to check out our website at www dot video vocab dot tv for more videos on business.
English vocabulary Thanks for watching and see you again soon.


Financial English Vocabulary VV 40 - Stocks and Shares (Lesson 2) | Business English Vocabulary

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