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you're watching video vocab by Business English part dot com Today we'll look at vocabulary related to Internet marketing, particularly activities related to search engine marketing or ECM companies.
Use S C O or search engine optimization to improve a Web pages.
Sir Position.
This involves activities such as Link building as well as um page optimization, in which advertises use keywords to attract search engines.
Accepted approaches to S.
Referred to his White Hat s CEO, and attempts to trick search engines are called Black Hat.
Seo ECM Search Engine Marketing Search Engine Marketing, or ECM, is used to describe activities related to improving the visibility and ranking of a website in search engines.
ECM includes both search engine optimization or SEO and search advertising or paid search CEO Search engine optimization.
Search engine optimization is making a website attractive to users and search engines.
The purpose is to make it easier for search engines to find your site and to rank it highly.
Our new search engine optimization team helped us climb into the top 10 results on Bing Serb search engine results page.
When a user does a search, the search engine results page shows, the natural search listings and the paper Click ants How highest site ranks and the results can be influenced by search engine optimization.
Posting on forums and linking your content to social media can help improve your Sir Pranking Link Building Link.
Building link Building is important because search engines look at the number and quality of sites that link to yours generally more inbound links or back links to your website.
The better link building can be difficult if you don't have interesting and original content on your site.
On page optimization on page optimization on page optimization refers to changes made to a Web page to improve its search engine Ranking optimization can involve changing meta tanks.
Html Code on page content Analytics tools can suggest the most effective keywords for on page optimization.
Key word.
Key word Keywords in the content of a Web page describe its overall topic or focus.
Market is used keyword frequency and placement to help search engines rank their websites highly.
It's a good idea to include your primary keywords in the title of your Web page.
White Hat s CEO, Black Hat Seo accepted unethical methods of optimizing a Web site ah called White Hat s CEO and attempts to trick search engines using unethical techniques.
A called Black hat Seo Search engines Employee manual Psych reviewers to uncover black hat Seo tactics.
Now it's your turn to practice some of the words we've looked at in this lesson.
In a moment you'll hear a Siris of sentences with the words replaced with a beep.
Repeat each sentence, including the missing word.
For example, if you here we use paper adds to drive traffic to our website, you can say we use paper.
Click adds to drive traffic to our website will play the correct answer After each question ready?
Let's give it a go To improve our ranking in search engines, we hired a consultant answer To improve our ranking in search engines, we hired an S e o consultant way.
Get a lot of traffic from Google because we rank highly on pages.
We get a lot of traffic from Google because we rank highly uncertain pages.
You might get banned by search engines If you use Black s seo techniques.
You might get banned by search engines if you use black hat Seo techniques.
That's all For this episode of video vocab, be sure to check out our website www dot video vocab Don't TV for more videos on business English vocabulary Thanks for watching and see you again soon.


Business English Vocabulary VV 38 - Internet Marketing (Lesson 2) | English for Marketing

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