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  • hi everybody welcome back to top words

  • my name is Alisha and today we're gonna be talking about the top 10 must know

  • vocabulary for restaurants so let's eat waiter the first word is waiter waiter

  • or waitress or waitstaff these are the people who bring you your food and take

  • your orders in a sentence your waiter will be with you in a moment

  • menu the next word is menu menu is the piece of paper or the document the thing

  • that's on your table or near your table that has a description of all the food

  • you can eat at that restaurant in a sentence can I have the menu please

  • order the next word is order order you can use this as a noun or as a verb you

  • can say to order something or where is my order in a sentence I would like to

  • order two steaks three hamburgers four beers a large pizza and a piece of

  • chocolate cake to go to my home water the next word is waters in American

  • restaurants you usually get water for free I noticed when I traveled in Europe

  • you had to pay for water at restaurants that was interesting in a sentence

  • American restaurants usually give you a glass of water without having to ask

  • dessert the next word is desserts dessert is the sweet stuff the sweet of

  • course all the sweet foods that come after the main part of the meal in a

  • sentence can we see the dessert menu chef chef chef is the leader of the

  • kitchen the person that is cooking the food in fancy restaurants the chef is

  • like the the one who is running the operation the manager of everything

  • there are different levels of chef in the kitchen in a sentence you could say

  • please give my compliments to the chef fast food the next word is fast food

  • fast food is anything that's quick popular examples in America or

  • McDonald's Burger King subway Taco Bell Kentucky Fried Chicken jack-in-the-box

  • so those are all fast-food restaurants you get in and you get out very very

  • quickly they don't have a reputation for being very healthy in a sentence I try

  • to eat fast food as rarely as possible bill the next word is bill you might

  • also hear check bill and check mean the total

  • your meal how much your dining experience cost you is the bill or the

  • check a bill comes before you have paid a receipt is the piece of paper you get

  • after you have paid the receipt shows confirms you have paid money the bill is

  • the request for money that's the difference between bill or cheque and

  • receipt in a sentence usually say can I have the bill please

  • or can I have the check please delicious delicious delicious means something that

  • tastes good we have many variations on delicious we say delicious good YUM

  • yummy fantastic great and so on it's kind of strange to me to say this is

  • delicious I usually just say this is good or this is really good something

  • like that is a bit more natural than delicious in a sentence my dinner today

  • was delicious main course main course it's often like a meat dish actually

  • likes like roast something or I don't know it's also called the entree maybe

  • it's a really fancy pasta dish in some cases I don't know in a sentence for the

  • main course our specials are chicken and zucchini and curry that's the end so

  • those are 10 words that you can use in a restaurant I think they're very useful

  • when traveling actually so try to keep them in mind the next time you go out to

  • eat if you haven't already please be sure to like and subscribe to our

  • Channel and if you like also please check us out at English class

  • for more fun stuff thanks very much bye

  • you

hi everybody welcome back to top words


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