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  • Wanna speak real English from your first lesson?

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  • Why is the Jurassic Park theme song coming out of...

  • Hi everybody, my name is Alisha and today we're going to

  • be talking about 15 questions

  • that you should know. So these are 15 questions

  • that not necessarily um..

  • you need to know how to

  • ask them perhaps you know um..

  • some of the questions already, but you will probably also

  • hear these questions as well so uh

  • we'll practice a few different answers for

  • these questions too. So

  • let's get started

  • Do you like American food?

  • The first question is do you like American food

  • You will probably be asked

  • this question to do you like American food?

  • You can either say, yes or no,

  • or you can give a specific example. Someone says

  • do you like american food? Yes, I love philly cheese steaks!

  • If I would recommend saying yes or a little, or you can just say I don't know

  • What do you recommend?

  • Have you been to the United States?

  • The next question is

  • Have you been to United States X2

  • So someone asks you: Have you been to the United States

  • You should reply with either yes, I have. Or no, I haven't.

  • Or maybe no, I haven't yet, but I want to.

  • When you want to ask someone this question

  • you can say have you been to Japan? Have you

  • been to Egypt? Have you been to China?

  • Whatever. You can use your own country when you ask this question.

  • How are you? When someone asks how are you, don't say

  • I'm fine thank you, and you?

  • Sigh. Please don´t say tath please

  • Say something more natural

  • How long have you been stuying English? How long have you benn studying English?

  • Great question to know the answer to, your answer should be

  • I have been studying English for... blah blah blah years or blah blah blah months

  • about one weeks, but if that too much for you, can you just

  • use the time. How long have you been studying English? 6 years. How long have you been studying English?

  • 2 months. So just pick the time if a hole sentence is quite long for you

  • How old are you? We don't really call around asking people How old they are... I just

  • The first time you meet them necessarily, specialy if they are older, much older than you

  • like um, in particular is sometimes consider rude ask, specialy women

  • "how old they are" just be carefull with this question, but if you about the same age group, um you know maybe you are on an event

  • or um, a party or something and you just wanna check "how old the other person is" you can use this

  • phrase, when you reply to this just say um... I'm plus the number

  • To make a really simple response, so, "How old are you?" I'm 15th, "How old are you?" I'm 42th

  • Wherever the answer is just take "I'm" in front of it, not "I" but "I'm"

  • i'am but just the contraction form to sound more natural, i am "number"

  • if you want to make a full sentence, you can say,"i am number'" "YEARS old. don't forget that "S"

  • 'i ammm

  • 'i am i am a millions years old.


  • what did you say, if you could not quite hear something that someone else said, you can use this question

  • to conform sorry what did you say. its a little nicer that just said !!!what !!

  • what did you say? or what did you just say? Sorry, what did you say? i could not hear you?

  • what's this? what's this? when you don't know what something is? what's this??

  • this pronunciation OK, so if i've written axe

  • ingles

Wanna speak real English from your first lesson?


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